Backpacking trip and possible skin walkerNarrated! 

A coupe years back I went on a camping trip in a summer camp excursion this excursion happened to be a backpacking trip around the mt.hood area, the timberline area to be specific. The first night wasn’t so bad but in the middle of the night I heard some noises and wrote it off to be coyotes or some deer.

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The big black dog

I have heard of a few SkinWalker stories thinking to myself it would be so cool to encounter a SkinWalker, but little did i know that i would encounter one myself. Hi my name is Dylan, and I’d like to share my Encounter with a SkinWalker, i live in Australia down near Victoria on a little bit of land with around 40 cattle, 2 dogs and 114 chickens. It was around [8:00] Pm when this happened, My Mum said i could drive her car down the back road which was about 12 kilometres up and back in a little red Toyota.

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The Night I met death

When I was 15 years old, my life was in all kinds of turmoil. I won’t bore you with all of the little details, but I guess I could important to note that it was a tumultuous time in my life. My mom and her second husband were in the midst of a divorce, my younger two siblings were taken away by the state, and her and I were bouncing from couch to couch for months, using up all our good faith with family and friends.

Finally, my mother got approved for a mortgage, and she bought a little two bedroom house in town. After spending my entire life out in the sticks, I was a little disappointed at the fact that our closest neighbors went from miles away to meters away, but I was absolutely elated that I would finally have my own room again. I grew even more excited the day we moved in, when I saw it. My room was the entire upstairs! Though it was technically an attic, so the ceiling was a bit short, and I’d have to be careful not to hit my head on the rafters… It was still my teenage dream come true!

When I opened the door to my new room, I was greeted imediatly with a steep staircase leading up about 15 steps. Where the wall of the stairwell met my bedroom floor, there was a railing in place, for safety. I placed my foot on to the first step, and suddenly my excitement was replaced with a sudden urge to run. I complied to this urge, and booked it the whole way up the stairs.

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