3-Star UFO

This is a story my mom & her family experienced back in the 1970s.

This story has been pieced together from what my mom & Uncle Nick have told me. One night their family (my mom, uncle, 2 aunts, grandma & grandpa) was on a road trip & was driving on a country road.

It was a starry night & the family noticed 3 stars that were larger & brighter than the others. They became frightened when they noticed the stars getting bigger & they seemed to black out the stars behind them. It was some kind of UFO & it scared the family. They thought they were gonna be abducted & rolled up the windows & sped up.

It got closer then farther from them several times which further increased their fear. Eventually it went away & they never found out what could have done that.

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Baby wendigo

Disclaimer if you hear a baby fawnish scream or howl run the other direction. So once my dad was telling stories to my friends.He told us about something called a wendigo I didn’t believe him but my friends did.So I went into the forest by our house.I told them there where no such thing.we where about a mile in the forest until we heard a dying fawn scream.We saw a strange tiny creature sitting down crying.We just looked at it until the thing turned around it’s head was a dear skull with no horns.Its eyes had one red dot and the rest of the eye was darkness.Then it turned around and started crying even more my dad had a 21 feet tall hunting tower we climbed up the ladder that’s when we heard a heart dropping screech. We saw the little wendigo stop crying and started yapping like it was happy that’s when a bigger creature came out of the brush it had the same skull for a head but with horns.We thought it was going to eat the little creature but the little wendigo jumped on the big wendigos back we learned that the bigger wendigo was the little wendigos mother.thats when they walked off. A year later I was putting out some meat thinking that some animal whould eat it but the little wendigo and it’s mom came and the little wendigo ate the meat.8 months later we moved out and that was the last that we saw the baby wendigo.

It happened again

Hey darkness prevails,you have read one of my accounts before that happened to me back in 2006,I had a goat man sighting in the woods near my house in Kentucky,I was 23 when I submitted my last encounter to your Chanel,I am now 25,I never thought I would encounter the creature again after it being 12 years since my encounter,I had another encounter last week,,with the goat man,so I am now going to get into that.

I still live with my parents in a rural part of Kentucky,I am not going to disclose the name of my town for privacy reasons,but I live just out side of the small town of a population of about 600 people in the south west part of Kentucky,and a lot of people in and around these parts have had encounters with the same beast.

I had woke up one morning last week and decided to get out of bed and take the dog a walk,my mom and dad were out of town for a week visiting family in Memphis,Tennessee. I took the dog out at about 8am in the morning it was cloudy out which gave an eerie feeling to the atmosphere,I also forgot to disclose that I all around my house is a 6 acre field with 75 acres of uninhabited forest land around the property,at the back of the field.

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Something in the blue Mountains

This is a fairly recent experience that has really effected since it happened.

For some background and location layout, I’m a 21 year old from Australia and though I’ve always been intrigued by the paranormal, though I’ve never been sensitive to it or easily paranoid or scared. This occurrence happened a month ago as I was returning from a wedding along the central coast which is 2 or so hours north of Sydney and I live just west of the blue mountains, a mountainous region west of Sydney and really a rather beautiful place. There’s a pretty direct highway that connects my hometown to where I was attending this event so it is a pretty straight forward drive on any other day that I’ve done countless time before.

On this particular night, I was driving home alone from a long day as I had work the next morning. It was 1am by the time I had gotten halfway through my drive in Sydney and due to an accident earlier in the day, my route was redirected to a side road I was very unfamiliar with but I thought nothing of it. As I was driving with the windows down and the music blasting I noticed my car was getting very hot, very fast. Granted, it was a hot day on the coast where I was but I thought it would be best to pull over and let it cool.

As I stopped the car and got out to stretch my legs, I was admiring the beautiful night view I had of Sydney behind me when I got this very uneasy feeling… its difficult to explain really but I had suddenly felt so unsafe and unwelcome where I was. I tried to brush it off, checked my radiator incase it was leaking or needed refilling and got back in the car to continue my drive home. I had gotten only 40 or so minutes further in my drive when this huge amount of smoke started coming from my bonnet, I pulled over straight away, popped the hood and after the smoke had cleared I noticed something leaking underneath the car. I know that the car was fine when I had left the wedding, I’m very careful about making sure everything is as it needs to be for a long drive so this was very unexpected. I didn’t know what to do, I was panicking and needed help but I hadn’t seen another car since leaving the city. Amongst my worry, that feeling of unease comeback like a ton of bricks. I didn’t want to be there, I didn’t feel safe but I couldn’t keep driving.

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My Sasquatch Encounter

This was god knows how many years ago. All I know is that I was very young. I can’t remember a lot, but I do remember… it.

My friends and I were playing a game in the middle of the woods called “Camouflage”. It’s sort of like Hide and Seek. Basically, The person who is “it” stands in one place. The hiders then hide all around that person, but you have to be able to see the seeker. You then have to try and sneak undetected to a designated safe zone, and the game ends when either everyone either has been caught or makes it to the safe zone.

My strategy for this game is mostly hiding rather than sneaking. I would usually hide a ways away, but to the point that I could still see the seeker. I was a little far, which in turn made the game harder for me to survive, but I never minded. I always liked being alone. But the woods can always be a little nerve wrecking. You never really know what could reside there. It can really make the imagination run wild. Plus you kind of always feel like something is watching you.

It was about 2 o clock, and it was really nice out that day. The forest trees hid some of the sunshine, but only a bit. There was still sunlight finding its way through the trees, and made the area we were at look really scenic and beautiful.

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It wasn’t a cougar

It wasn’t a cougar…
My Grandpa died when I was ten years old, they ruled it out as a cougar attack, as the area we live in is known for sightings and i’ve heard them at night (their howls sound like a woman being murdered). we live in a small rural neighborhood in Arkansas where the nearest town is about a twenty five minutes drive , there’s not much to do but swim, fish, and hunt.
My Grandpa used to hunt the area near the lake, as deer and other animals thrived around this lake during the winter and all year round. I used to go with him, until I was around seven, when both my father and my grandpa told me I could no longer go hunting until he had killed the cougars that lived near the lake. Even though I was small, I always heard that cougars didn’t usually attack people in groups, but I obeyed them without question.
Sometimes though, my family would go to the lake to camp or have a picnic, my father always told my sister and I to stay away from the darker area of the woods near the lake, always justifying his orders saying that they couldn’t see us if we went in there, or that it was very snaky; We obeyed him of course.
Now I am seventeen. And sometimes I take a walk to the lake with my dog Heinrich, who is a two year old German Shepard. The lake is about five miles away from my house, so the walk takes a little more than an hour. I left the house one morning in the late spring to walk and clear my mind a bit, as my parents recently divorced and my search for a job wasn’t really going well. I absolutely love nature and It has always comforted me. I told my father where I was going and what time I planned to be back. I left with my 45. and a machete that I kept sharp. Heinrich happily followed because he knew where I was going. It was a beautiful day out. Not a cloud in the sky and the wind was very calm.
After walking for almost forty minutes, Heinrich started barking and ran after a large rabbit. I wanted to go after him but he always comes back eventually.
I kept walking and As I was about ten to fifteen minutes from the lake, I heard a really strange noise, like a painful groan but from an animal. It sounded roughly like a dog or an injured deer . I feared Heinrich had come across a cougar, somehow without me hearing it I ran toward the groaning noise and then I heard foot steps running fast behind me. I spun around to see Heinrich right behind me… he looked absolutely horrified but otherwise unharmed. I was perplexed.
Then I realized the groaning had stopped and … so did everything else. I know it’s cliché but literally there was absolute silence. No birds, no squirrels or rabbits running and playing. Nothing. I was kinda disturbed. Then I realized that I was in the part of the woods that was darker than the rest. The one my father had always said not to go in.
Heinrich started me when he started growling, he was staring at something in the distance. Then I saw movement, it was light brown like a deer. But it looked wrong. It’s head was NOT a deer’s head. Nor was it’s legs. It wasn’t a cougar either. Not at all. This creature was frail but large, with yellow eyes and it’s face. It’s fucking face. It looked like someone put a rat in a meat grinder head-first. It had massive fangs and matted, wet fur. It noticed us. Heinrich had alerted it.
The creature. This Fucking thing stood up on it’s back legs and walked toward me. I panicked. Hoping a 45. would scare it away or hurt it enough that I could run in time, I fired three shots. I know at least one found home because it screamed the most awful fucking sound i’ve ever heard. It was like a woman screaming but darker, like it was on those silly voice changers you play with as a kid. I ran and screamed for Heinrich to follow, he did and we booked it.
I heard heavy footsteps and breathing behind me. I took my pistol out again and glanced behind me to fire. This thing was too fucking close. At least fifteen feet away. I shot twice and ran harder. Another scream and then I didn’t hear anymore footsteps. But I did hear something else.
“Gavin, don’t go too far son.”
It. It was my grandfather’s voice. This creature was using my grandfather’s voice to fuck with me. I was no more angry than afraid. I turned around and looked down the dirt road. I took my 45 out and reloaded it. Then my machete as well. I heard it say my name again “Gavin. Come back over this way”.
“Wouldn’t want you to get hurt”. Heinrich growled and started barking at something to our left.
It was IT WAS MY FUCKING GRANDPA. He was decayed and rotting. We was dressed in his hunting clothes from the day he died. This fucking thing took shape of my grandfather. I unloaded on this thing and almost all of them connected with it’s head and torso. The creature fell to the ground an writhed. I knew I had to run. Heinrich wasn’t far behind me and We finally reached home. As soon as I opened the door I slammed it and collapsed on the floor. Heinrich laying beside me just as tired and traumatized.
“The hell are you doing son?!” My dad demanded.
I couldn’t speak. I just looked at him. He saw in my face that I was horrified. He asked me a million questions and asked if a cougar had tried to attack me. I looked at him and the the only thing I could manage to say was “ Not a cougar”
He looked a bit confused. I took a deep breath and Said “ it wasn’t a cougar that killed grandpa.
I told him the story but he didn’t believe me. He just said that I was panicked and my adrenaline was pumping but I know what the fuck I saw. And now the memories of my grandpa are tainted because of this fucking creature.
That was eight months ago. I’ve been saving up and waiting to buy a 45/70 and a maybe a four wheeler. I’m gonna go back. I’m gonna make sure I kill this thing.

Yeti or Bigfoot in a snow storm

I have had a lot of Paranormal encounters but this is not my story this is my mom’s. My Mom and my Uncle had to go pick up my Grandma She worked in a small town called Red River The Blizzard was bad and my Grandma’s car wasn’t turning on So she told my mom to pick her up and be safe because the roads were slippery, My Mom told my uncle to go with her they where at Questa New Mexico they drove Slowly the storm was bad while driving a large creature started walking across the road it was about nine feet tall it, the creature had white fur and large teeth it stared at my mom and uncle it then turned away and ran into the woods they started talking about it they both agreed it was a Bigfoot the next day my uncle went to the area he found Footprints and even took a picture of it (this is where I wish that I found his old phone) in the mountains of New Mexico Creepy stuff happen every day.

It wasn’t an ordinary bird

I little back story before we get started:I live in the east side of Tennessee. It’s your typical country side with fields, farms, woods, etc. But there’s alot more to my home town then meets the eye. I wasn’t always a believer in the paranormal. But really, no one ever is until they have their own experiences. My experiences started back 2 years ago. I’ve had my encounters with werewolves, skinwalkers, wendigos, demons, even the goatman once. And many many more entities. But what I encountered three weeks ago, that was a new one for me.

It started when I was on the phone with my best friend. I was walking around outside when all of the sudden I heard a loud bird-like sound come from just above me. It was so loud, I nearly dropped my phone. The sound was other worldly. I didn’t recognize it. It definitely wasn’t any bird that’s normally around. It sounded huge. I ran out into my yard and looked up at the roof, there was nothing there.

Fast forward to the next day. It was storming like crazy. The wind was blowing violently, my house was shaking. Thunder roared across the sky. And it was just absolutely pooring rain. It was a complete monsoon. I actually love it when it’s that crazy so I was outside running around, playing in the mud, that kinda stuff. Well while I was jumping in a puddle…I heard it again, that sound. But this time, I saw something. Up in the clouds, I saw a shadow or…a silhouette. It looked like some sort of bird. But it was MASSIVE! I couldn’t see it too well due to the rain a mist. It seemed to at least have a 20′ wing span. I heard that same bird call again before it disappeared into the clouds.

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Something in the Swedish woods

Hi there, my name is Johan and Iam 23 years and I live in northern Sweden.

I apologize if why spelling and grammar is bad as English is only my second language so please bear with me here. I have alwyas liked to go hiking and camping in the massive woods next to town. As a kid I always used to go with my grandfather.

I just always loved listening to the stories he we would tell me about the woods as we sat by our campfire.

He had always been a good sortyteller and the stories were always so capturing and made the forrest seem so much more vast and mystical than it really was. Anyway, I developed a big love for those woods and it become a big passion for me that I shared with grandfather.

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A Strange Creature on Our Families Land

I have been looking for a place to post my story for a couple years now because I just need to get this story out to someone who might believe me, any way let me give you some back story.

It was summer 2016 in mid August in Minnesota on the White Earth Reservation, I had been working out for over a year and had lost over 80 pounds, the reason why I’m telling you this is because I always took my 3 dogs for a run every day through our 100 acre forest.

My dogs names are Magoo, Zeus, and Apollo ironically Magoo is our biggest and scariest dog, a German Shepard black lab mix he looks like a bear honestly, while Zues is a deaf beagle so I kept him on a leash and Apollo is a pure golden retriever and very protective but a big chicken. One day on our run we are about one mile behind my grandparents house on a good pace, I am occasionally yelling for Apollo to come back near us, when all of a sudden I hear him barking and this odd deep cackling sound from that same direction.

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