My dogs saved my our lives

This story still gives me chills when I tell it. I was 15 at the time and I was with my godfather Scotty. We we’re sitting in the living room with my dogs Vatani, a Dutch Shepherd, Sara, a Labrador Retriever mix, and Kodiak, a Dalmatian mix. We heard a knock at the door and it was my neighbor. He asked me if he could use my phone but I told him we don’t other people use our phone. He went back home.

About 10 minutes later me and Scotty were sitting at the kitchen table when all of a sudden the dogs go crazy. Then the front door knob started turning. We ran to my room with the dogs hot on our tails. Scotty started to call 911 when the door swung open. The dogs attacked who ever came in. The person screamed so loud that the 911 operator heard him. The cops came and lifted up the man and we were shocked to realize that it was my neighbor. He was arrested and we filed charges against him.

Soon After me and my family moved to another part of the city. And I haven’t seen my neighbor since. I have no doubt in my mind that my dogs saved us that night.

The unknown thing in an old school

This story will always scare me till the day I am dead. I was heading to an old abandoned school, it was a school that had been built since my mum was a kid so around 40 years old. Yes you could say it wasn’t exactly in the best shape but my story began when me and my brother Jesse decided to go and check it out. We had climbed through an old window into a dark room with only a little light to see where we were going, my brother said “hey what is that it looks cool let’s go check it out”, I said “okay” so we followed this hallway to a room.

My brother pushed open the door and we saw something horrifying it was a tall figure standing on two legs it had a black mouth, black eyes and it looked so god damn skinny you could see it’s rib cage, This thing had to be around 7ft tall. It said “don’t be scared come here” I thought who is this and what is it doing in an abandoned school. I grabbed that door and slammed it shut I said Jesse let’s get out of here. We both were running and this scares me the most, you could here foot steps right behind us like something was chasing us, I threw myself out the window so did my brother you could hear things shuffling around inside the room we had just jumped out of.

Me and my brother were comprehending what we had just seen, i didn’t want to stay there any longer so we packed up and got into the Ute, the following morning we had went back to check what had happened, instead of it being me and my brother we had my two cousins with me and my 1 year old dog, we decided it was best two head into the door incase we needed to make a quick exit.

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Sometimes rumors are true

When I was 14, there was a new student, let’s call, May. No one had spoken to May at all on her first day until I finally mustered up the courage to do so but I had a strange feeling about her that now I realize I should’ve listened to.

During our P.E period, I went up to her in an attempt to get to know her and after awhile of talking, I found out she liked Harley Quinn as well as she we both were bisexual. (I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m adding this but it does have a place in all this.) At the time she had a boyfriend and i was happy for her but it wasn’t long after that she broke up with him which I didn’t understand why until a few days after. While I got to know her, I had texted an old friend about her and what she told me should’ve ended the friendship there. Apparently she left notes in all the lockers of the cheerleaders, saying she was going to kill them so I’m detail but as someone who understands rumors, I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

A week goes by, she starts holding my hand as well as kissing it which didn’t bother me because I figured it was all a joke until she started pinning me down, shoving me, hitting me and pulling my hair. Then she began using sexual advances and would threaten me when I’d turn her down. She also threatened to harm herself and forced me to kiss her which had drawn the line for me. Plus she stalked my every move online, in school and even those I associated with.

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Road creeps

At the time of this story, I was about 22 years old. I was living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, in the city. I lived with my best friend and we spent all of our time cruising up and down the main road, US 19. Anyone from Florida will know the road. In our area, it was about an 8 lane road lined on both sides with commercial buildings. It was a nice straight road, with a ton of exits, and overpasses. It was made for cruising.

We would listen to music, chain smoke cigarettes, talk, and drive for hours, usually late at night. It was our version of having fun, instead of partying like most people our age. Gas was cheap then and it felt free and happy.

One night, (well, knowing us, probably closer to early morning than night), we were heading home. We exited the main road onto a frontage road. There was a red light, just before the left turn that lead underneath the overpass. We, obviously, stopped at the light. As we did, we see two men spill out into the middle of the road from the underpass. They’re young and they’re fist fighting, pretty viciously by the looks of it. One guy ends up on the ground, not really moving much, while the other continues hitting him. We were freaked out, and briefly considered trying to help. We both had a creeped out feeling, though and we pretty quickly decide we’re absolutely not stopping. Plus, what are two girls in their 20’s gonna be able to do to help anyway?

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Theres something wrong with my husband

I’ve been married to my husband Bruce for four years and we are Best friends, we have always gotten along with each other and rarely ever fought. We have two kids, one girl named Lauren who is 14 and another girl named Valerie who is 10 years old. We’ve been in the same house for 3 1/2 years and never thought about moving. I got home one day with great news, I’ve had the same job for 10 years and just got a promotion. My husband was still at work so I waited for Lauren and Valerie to come home since school just ended. I told Lauren first because it would be easier for her to understand than Valerie. “That’s great news mom!” Lauren cheered.
“I know, took them long enough to see my full potential.” I laughed and walked into the kitchen until my last step almost went through the door. “What the?” The floorboard was breaking. “Lauren, can you please come over here?”
“Yeah what’s up?”
“Can you get the hammer please?”
Lauren handed the hammer to me and watched me pry open the floorboard. It was opening up until this waft of terrible odor came up. It was so gross and Lauren was coughing. “Mom! eww, gross what is that?!”
“I don’t know! Go get the flashlight, there’s probably a couple dead animals down here.”
I grabbed the flashlight from her and looked through a small hole in the floor. I couldn’t see anything except bags so I called an exterminator to come, luckily for us, he came over right away. He opened up the floor a lot more and I saw the most disturbing thing ever. Those bags were actually body bags. The exterminator was horrified and that’s when he asked what my husband’s name was.

“Are you serious? My husband is not capable of this!” But I told him his name anyway and he took this information to the police for me. My husband came home after the exterminator and I took out the bodies and hid the smell with a lot of fabreez. The police contacted me two days later and told me that my husband was a serial killer back 4 years ago and is still occasionally doing so, they also said they’re coming over right now to arrest him. I thanked the police and hung up. Scared, I turned around to see my husband in the doorway standing there, not saying a word. We stood there staring at each other until he darted at me. I picked up the mini lamp on the desk, hit him and ran to Lauren and Valerie. I locked all of us into Laurens room away from Bruce. We called the cops to see if they left, then waited. The police will be here in 2 minutes. With Valerie asking all these questions and Lauren crying I got even more scared and started to cry too. I heard a banging sound in the house and Valerie screamed. Then I heard the police sirens go out. My anxiety was kicking in and I started to get a panic attack. There were bangings on the door with someone yelling. “It’s okay we got him!” I slowly walked to the door and opened it. The police breathing hard and had a scared expression on his face. “You didn’t get him.. did you?” I loved him with all my heart but I knew I was going to leave him anyway after everything he did. “No ma’am I’m sorry he took off. We went into the police car to talk to some people so they could get a better understanding. I still wonder till this day Is how did I not figure out sooner that he’s a serial killer.

The floating women

  • On one night i was on my way home from work at around [11:30]. At the time i didn’t have a house so i would sleep in my truck parked in my friends driveway .

To have an aware of the place my friend lived in a steep hill in East L.A. known as City Terrace . It was around [12:30] when i arrived to my truck . Being tired i quickly went in my truck and started taking off my work boots . As i was taking off my boots i realized a big bright shadow coming down the hill i looked up and seen a women in all white with no legs floating down the hill .

As soon as i seen it it gave me chills and afriad it had spotted me . I grabbed my phone and went to the camera to try and capture a picture . while I grabbed my phone and went to the camera the women literally turned to the direction of my door and passed right next to the door .

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The woman and the baby

This story took place in Brazil, long fifteen years ago, but it still gives me chills to this day, even though it didn’t happen to me.

I have an uncle who works as a truck driver delivering tires for a company. Between many crazy stories that happened to him between comings and goings, this one is the creepiest that he’s ever told me.

He says it was a Friday noon, he had only a few tires to deliver in a distant city and had just stopped at a gas station to have lunch -or at least eat something to get him through the long road ahead- in the convenience store.

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The Child Behind the Gravestone

My name is Hussain. I am a Muslim from Maldives. I was with a classmate with whom I used to hang out back then. It was year 2009. I was 16+ years old. The previous year I just finished my school life. This paranormal activity happened to me while I was with this friend of mine.

One day he called me and told me that his mother told him to get a plant to make a medicine which is used here for body pain. It was almost 5:30pm. So we wanted to finish that as soon as possible so that we can hang out before it gets too dark. The capital city of Maldives is Male’ where we don’t see much trees. Especially plants which we uses for this kind of purpose. The only place we can find these stuff easily is the graveyard. So we went to Aasahara (Main graveyard) to find it. At the time we reached there it was prayer time. It must be round 6:15pm. So first of all we performed our Salah (prayer). After performing our Salah we asked the person who is in charge of the security of that place whether they have that particular plant. He just told us t check ourselves. So we started looking for it. Luckily there was one of it there but it was growing on top of a grave. It is said by our prophet that after the evening prayer Jinns (Paranormal being) will spread around so since our childhood my mom always told me not to go out or take children out of the house.

We wanted to be done with it so we decided to take it out and go. This plant was not more than 2 feet high so we knew the root won’t be deep done. So I started to dig around the plant while my friend was holding a bag to put it.

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