El Vampiro

This is a story my father told me since I was little. It was an experience that shook him to the core. When my father was younger he was in the air force and was stationed to Camarma, Spain where I was born. He requested to be stationed there because my mother is a Spaniard and wanted to be close to her family. Being in the military he met a few friends and they loved to go metal detecting around some of the neighboring pueblos that day back to medieval times. These little pueblos are rich with history and often have coins and jewelry in their soil.

On one of these metal detecting excursions, my dad and his friend were greeted by a few local teens. The teens were excited about a discovery they had made outside of an old abandoned stone church. Outside of the old church was a large hole, big enough for a grown man to fit.

The teens explained that it was the church basement and that they saw something strange down there. My father being the adventurous sort decided to take a look. My dad and his friend crawled into the hole partially hoping to find some kind of abandoned treasure or relics.

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The unknown thing on the tracks

First off, some background information. I’m 20 years old now and was around 7 or 8 at the time of this particular event. At the time we lived in the south of Spain in a very rural area with miles of wilderness around each town, each with their own interesting tales and traditions.

My family place at the time was situated in the middle of a lemon orchard which only served to amplify the sense of isolation to my young mind. Playing outside in the daytime was fine, but once it approached the night and the sun dropped behind the mountains, the place turned into a very eerie place indeed. Every crack of a stick or anything outside of the usual nighttime menagerie of animals would highten your senses as the feeling of being watched would almost make me sick, along with even my tougher older brother.

The part of the country we lived in often had heavy downpours that would damage the roads/tracks, if not wash them away entirely. Most animals would take shelter in these times but, well, not all of them I suppose. Me and my mother were returning from a routine trip to the store to get groceries and such, and as it was approaching winter time it was light when we got there, and dark by the time we left.

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The Old Man

This event occurred when I was at the tender age of 12. My Nana had fallen ill and had to be taken out of independent living and placed in assisted living which is basically where you’re in a room, nurses come in and are supposed to check on you, make sure you have your medications, etc.

I HATED it there. It always smelled of bleach that was attempting to mask the scent of bodily fluids. That was just an inconvenience. One day while me and my mom are visiting Nana, who was (she died in February 2017) still with it mentally and a feisty old woman, she was like that for my entire life. I miss her so much.

But on this particular day I was feeling the need to walk around, I couldn’t sit still. I asked my mom if it was okay if I roamed around the ward for a little bit. My mom said ‘sure, just don’t go to far’. Now the nurses there were great! Attentive and kind to patients but obviously tired and stressed.

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A few years back I was staying at my dad’s house he worked nights, so I was often home alone. Some notes that help the story. I am a naturally freaked out person and I must have the house locked up completely (so doors, screen doors, and windows are all locked and shut). I leave the tv on, so it looks like someone is home and awake at all hours. As well as I kept the lights on in the living room and dining room. So, it looked like someone was still up and around the house.

One night around [9:30]-[10:00] I was just getting ready to go to bed, so I was in the hallway walking to my room when I heard the first bang on the front door. So, I stopped in the hallway and looked around the corner to the front door. As the second bang came and then a voice. The voice was of a girl and she was screaming ” Let me in. Please let me in, he’s going to hurt me. ” she stopped banging and knocking for a moment and then she started banging again and said “please let me in he is going to kill me” I stood in the hallway not making a noise and just stood there until I heard her run off the steps. After a few moments, I heard a car door slam shut and a car race off. I called the cops right after that. Of course, when the cops came there was no one outside.

The cops knock on the door and when I answer they said, “excuse me mam is this your dead body out here?” I mentally freaked out only to later find it was a joke and they were trying to calm me down. But this is a night I will always remember.

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Noche the cat

A few years ago, a stray cat randomly appeared in our neighborhood. He was a fluffy tuxedo cat with bright yellow eyes. I remember when I first met him, I called him Noche, meaning “night” in Spanish. I don’t know why I did, but it felt right. I have had cats for a good chunk of my life and none of them behaved like Noche did.

His behavior was a bit unusual. He followed me everywhere I went and I became his human. He would hiss at anyone that came near me. Sometimes he would hiss at things only he could see. He only appeared at night and by day he always seemed to disappear. Since the first night I met him, I would call out into the darkness of our street “Noche!”. Without fail out of the shadows he would appear.

Over time I started to notice more strange things. No matter where I was in the house, Noche knew from outside. Whatever room I went to, he would soon meow beneath the nearest window. It got to the point that he started doing that even without me saying anything. I used to think maybe he just listened for my voice, but that was not the case at all. Each night he would come only when called and he would accompany me for my evening walk. I walked usually at night to avoid the sweltering heat of the day. I thought it was odd that he would go for long walks with me around our neighborhood. Sometimes I would look at him and his ears seemed to elongate into sharp points and his eyes would glow red. At first I thought I was going nuts until my husband began to notice the strange stuff too.

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the dream and the storm

For an entire year I was plagued with a reoccurring dream that came monthly. In this dream Tyndall Air Force Base and Mexico Beach were destroyed by a massive storm. These two locations are next to my town and are connected by a highway surrounded by pine forest. The part of the dream with Tyndall always had buildings wash away and disappear with the rain. I remember in the dream, the shore line would no longer look the same after the storm passed. It looked and felt so real. The part of the dream that got me was not Tyndall, but Mexico beach.

In the dream I drove from the destroyed military base down that familiar highway to Mexico beach. The houses were gone and the sun was setting. Only a silhouette of the forest remained. Then suddenly a faint glow would illuminate a makeshift town of sorts inhabited by ghosts. It was if these ghosts assembled a new little village out of wrecked houses and board walks. I remember entering this “village” and interacting with the people. They either didn’t know they had died or simply ceased to care. They were faded, washed out and slightly transparent. The thing that stood out the most were the oil lamps hanging over their doors. Their soft glow was not warm like a normal lantern should be. It was as it were the memory of a flame. The people acknowledged and interacted with me. At one point they bought me a small bag of sweets because I had no money on me. Their gift to me touched my heart. At the end of the dream when I left the village, I turned around only to see a silent, dark forest once more under an evening sky. No village, no people, no glowing lanterns. There was an emptiness and a sorrow in my heart.
These dreams weighed heavy on me because I kept having them often. And so begins the weird events that I feel are connected to my dreams.

Let’s begin with a fishing trip I took a few months back. Mexico beach was a place my husband and I would go to fish pretty regularly. One night while there, we were alone under a sky full of stars. Behind us was the forest and in front of us was the beach. No one lived on that side because it is owned by the base. There are no houses on that side of Mexico beach for miles. I remember that my husband went to grab his cellphone and that he had left it in the car. I told him to go get it and that I would stay put so he could find me. While I was alone and waiting for him, I would see white figures out of the corners of my eyes. I looked further on down the beach and saw the soft glow of an oil lamp moving as if someone were carrying it. The light grew dim and then was gone. My husband returned to me very shaken up and told me that on his way back to me, he though he had spotted me. When he walked up to this person that he thought was me, he realized that they were wearing a white gown and that it was not me. The person vanished into thin air. We left soon after.

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The ritual

It was summer of ‘05 when me, my mother and my sister went to Zaragoza, Spain to visit family. We stayed at my grandmother’s apartment that she kept just for us to visit after moving in with my aunt Juana due to her health. My aunt Juana lived a few streets away and each morning we would make the walk from my grandmother’s old apartment to my aunts’s place. We would spend the day there and retire back to my grandmother’s apartment to sleep.

One night things felt a little off. There was a static feeling in the air and the streets were more empty than usual at night. Zaragoza is a big city and there is always someone awake and running around the streets. I found it odd but brushed it off. I remember how the breeze shook the leaves of the trees under the lamps that dotted the street. When we arrived to the apartment we were exhausted from a long day. As we began to settle in with the usual nightly routine of watching tv, taking showers and unwinding ; things took a turn for the strange…

The apartment above us was being inhabited by a family of African immigrants.
In Spain there are many African immigrants due to being so close to the continent. Naturally these immigrants bring their customs with them. The people above our apartment brought something a little darker than just your average customs.

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The Bus Ride

I come from a small town with less than 500 people, most of which are elders. So to say I come from a quiet home town would be an understatement. But being from a small town, I had to leave home for post secondary school, so I moved to the city I lived in when I was little. This city has a lot of gun violence and drugs so my mom was less than thrilled. But off I went to school. A few weeks into living there, I had to take a bus somewhere early in the morning (like 7am or so). So I’m standing all alone at the stop. At least for a bit. Soon, a young man in his late teens early twenties comes out of on the school buildings. And. He. Is. Pissed. He’s screaming on his phone to someone, threatening their life and calling them names.

I try to ignore him and wait for the bus, but then he hangs up his phone and whips it at the ground, destroying it completely. And then he comes to stand right next to me. He’s seething and pacing in little circles. I’m getting rather freaked out, but then the bus pulls up. I get on the empty bus and sit down. And he sits right next to me. Like, there is nobody on the bus but the two of us and the driver.

A few minutes into the ride, he opens his bag and it’s full of weapons! Guns, ammo, knives, you name it! I pull the cord and get up, standing next to the driver and saying loudly, “oh no! I think I missed my stop, do you loop around?” So I have a reason to stand next to him. I then tell him, very quietly, about the man with the weapons and ask if he can call for help without alerting him. He tells me that there is a silent button for calling the police in situations like this (turns out taxis have it too, at least in Canada where I am). I chat up the driver to keep the man at ease until the police get there.

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The Day I Saved My Brother

One day my brother and I were talking, doing what we usually did. Talking about weights, girls and rap, I was a rap battling freestyle then. Out of the blue, he hits me with the line “Do you remember the day you saved my life?”

I was like “What?”, I said sure I saved your life plenty of times. I am your big brother, but he was serious, he said “No you really saved my life.”

I was older than him by three years, he said years ago when we were very young. Age range I was seven and he was four, he saw a man crawling out of a ditch. He said the man was pale and very skinny with balding hair, he said he looked like a skeleton or something. He said the man would jester he fingers like come here, but my would always ran away.

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Almost Kidnapped

I have 3 siblings, 2 big dogs and a small crowded apartment surrounded by lots of other apartment complex’s and a busy highway right next to them. After this night I stopped jogging so late.

I know what your thinking, you got yourself in this mess for jogging so late- before you make assumptions, I was jogging with my pit bull and it’s the only time I can jog and take the dogs out because I watch my siblings 24/7 because my parents work and can’t afford daycare nor does the apartment I live in doesn’t allow dogs- now back to my experience.

I took my beautiful pit bull- blondie- out for a jog/ walk one night. When I take her out I usually cut through the apartment complex next to myn

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