I think I met a Shadow Person

A little backstory before the story starts. My name is Bhrendan and I used to live in a small 2 story unit in Australia. The bottom floor had what you would expect from a average home, a kitchen, a living room and a dining table but it also had a very small cupboard or boiling room, I never really knew what it was. It was located right next to the stairs which had about 10 steps leading up to the bedrooms. My bedroom was the first bedroom that you could see if you approached the 2nd floor. There was a guest room further away from the stairs and my mum’s room which was close to mine. There is a importance in this layout as you will discover soon enough so stay with me. My bed is further away from the door leading to my bedroom, about 2 feet away to be precise.

The year was 2014 and I was in the 2nd semester of year 5 meaning that I was roughly about 11 years of age. It was a school night and my mum’s boyfriend was there tonight as well. Fast forward until 9pm and I was told to go to bed as my mum and her boyfriend were going to bed as well.

Now, I’m the slacker type of kid who goes to a private school meaning that I of course would stay up watching videos on YouTube. Fast forward again to about 12am and I am tired but am still keeping it together. All of a sudden, I hear banging on a door downstairs, but then I come to recognize which door it is, It’s the boiler room door. Then the scariest thing I didn’t even think of happened, large and fast stomps rushing up the stairs, but what happened next was weird but extremely scary. The door slammed opened and something dark in the corner of my eye was just staring at me. I didn’t even move a muscle but I did something so stupid that I regret to this day, I paused the video so that I could hear whatever it was. To my surprise, I heard nothing, dead silence and the only thing that was happening was a hateful glare that I couldn’t even see. 10 minutes of whatever it was, staring at me and me not moving a muscle and insane hear beats that were beating too fast. After 10 minutes, the door slammed shut and all I heard was silent steps to the guest room. I should mention at this point that my mum’s boyfriend sleeps with my mum so it could not have been him.

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The snapchat stalker

So to start off im going to say that this all happened about a year ago. Its just an average day at school, im in 10th grade and pretty big for my age, im 6’2 and my weight is about 240 so im not really a person would pick on. After school when im walking home with my homies, we pass this house where there is a old man in the window just staring.. We shrugged it off as just an elderly man daydreaming or something of the sort. After awhile of walking, 3 of our friends got picked up by their coach to go to practice because they skipped the last week. So its just me and one of my friends walking home, lets call him Gavin. As We approach Gavin’s house, we notice this truck coming down the road so we moved onto the sidewalk. The truck passed and it was the Same old man from earlier but he didnt have eyes.

He slowed when he approached us but began to speed up once Gavin screamed in horror. The truck sped off as i tried to calm down gavin trying to make sense of the situation. I call his mom and as im on the phone with her gavin looks up at me and says,”How can you be so calm, Did you not see harold in the back seat?” Harold is one of our friends that died about 2 years ago from committing suicide. I told I didnt see this and that all of it was an Illusion and soon his mom came to pick us up and dropped me off at my house. I told my parents about the thing that happened and they told me that there hasn’t been anyone living in the house we seen the old man in. Apearently the person who did live there before, died from trying to meet up with a girl he met on snapchat but they never found out who was behind the snapchat account.

That night when I was playing xbox with my friends we walked home with, Me and Gavin told them about the story and they didn’t believe us so we just joked around saying stuff like,”That old man finna come get you fools,” and stuff like that. As we are playing I get a notifacation on my phone but I dont answer texts and stuff while I play so i didnt even think about checking it. About 30 minutes pass and as we are waiting for the game to start i check my phone.”Jsteven305 added you,” who could that be i wonder? I accept it and go to message them and ask who they are but then I realize they already sent me a snap so i open it.. Oh did I wish I didnt. The snap loads a video of me in my room playing xbox. My heart sank thinking that someone was watching me, i replay the snap and I listen to hear a man whispering,”I’ve always wanted to meet you in person.” I tell my mom and she tells my dad and we check around the house to see if this man is still here but no trace was found except for a smile face drew on my window.

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Sleepwalking Child

This story is not my own, it is my friend’s story , I will write is as how she told me. Now my friend and I are very close , so one day in gym we were walking laps because the gym teachers hadn’t planned anything for that day. A couple minutes passed and we engaged in a conversation of paranormal sightings. This is what she said.

“A couple years ago I was pretty sick, so I stayed home from school, I slept most of the day and woke up vaguely throughout the day. Now I am pretty convinced my house is haunted because a young couple; years ago were killed in an accident. The husband was backing their car out of the garage so they could go somewhere. The wife was waiting for him to back out so she wouldn’t bang up the walls of the garage with the passenger car door. While he was backing out a large truck slid on the icy roads into their driveway hitting the car at full impact forcing it into the small garage.”

“The car hit the wife, then the wall of the garage. Killing the wife on impact. The husband died later in the hospital. Anyway, so I woke up that night in the living room by the window, I was confused and turned around to my mom at the top of the stairs looking worried. I asked her what was wrong and she said, I was going downstairs when she came out of the bathroom, she decided to follow me to see what I wanted. She then told me she paused at the stairs because she saw me facing the window talking to nothing, she said I was talking to someone named crystal.”

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My Sasquatch Encounter

This was god knows how many years ago. All I know is that I was very young. I can’t remember a lot, but I do remember… it.

My friends and I were playing a game in the middle of the woods called “Camouflage”. It’s sort of like Hide and Seek. Basically, The person who is “it” stands in one place. The hiders then hide all around that person, but you have to be able to see the seeker. You then have to try and sneak undetected to a designated safe zone, and the game ends when either everyone either has been caught or makes it to the safe zone.

My strategy for this game is mostly hiding rather than sneaking. I would usually hide a ways away, but to the point that I could still see the seeker. I was a little far, which in turn made the game harder for me to survive, but I never minded. I always liked being alone. But the woods can always be a little nerve wrecking. You never really know what could reside there. It can really make the imagination run wild. Plus you kind of always feel like something is watching you.

It was about 2 o clock, and it was really nice out that day. The forest trees hid some of the sunshine, but only a bit. There was still sunlight finding its way through the trees, and made the area we were at look really scenic and beautiful.

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The man

I work in 3 departments in martins so its hard to remember certain faces and im mixed for the record that will come into play later on but i will never be able to forget this mans face it was me a chicken fryer and a female coworker on a Friday night the fryer came in the back to where i was organizing our cooler and said a customer asked for me by name so i went out to see who it was thinking maybe it was a friend or family member when i rounded the corner i didnt recognize the man so i asked if i could help him and he just looked at me with this blank stare it looked as if i was looking into the eyes of a lifeless body he then walked away fast forward to the end of my shift i finished up and went outside to leave as i got close to my car i saw the same lifeless face he watched me get into my car and followed me from my job to a nearby walmart when i noticed it i got irritated and got out and asked if i could help him and he got this wide smile and i noticed his teeth was completely black and he started running towards me so my reaction was to swing i knocked him out and called the police well turns out this guy was wanted for attempted murder and was a well known neo Nazi who was recently going around and attacking random mixed men and women

I think I met the devil

Hello darkness,i would like to start by saying I listen to your stories almost every night,it helps me to sleep,and I have a few of my own,no skinwalker stories yet thankfully.

So to put into perspective how scary this was,this happened to me when I was 11,im 21 now and still remember this experience vividly.

I was walking home from a friend’s house one night,down a dimly lit road around the corner from my house,the road was about a mile long and it was roughly 10 o’clock.

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Friendly little girl and the shadow people

When i was 15 i was bullied severely.

It got to the point where i switch schools after trying to kill myself. This story I’m about to tell you actually has multiple paranormal occurrences with in a small time period. Id say probably around 2 months or so. When i switched schools i switched to a alternative school, the only one in the town i live in. It was located in old town where all the buildings were around 100 years old.

This school in particular was built in 1906 and has many ghost stories that come with it. I was told by a few teachers some of the stories which were pretty creepy.

They say there was a little girl who fell down one of the many stair cases and snapped her neck on the way down a died.

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My Friend Matt

When I was a little kid I met a new friend.  His name was Matt.  The strange part about Matt is, he was a shadow person.

Matt was the name I gave him, I say him because his features were more manly than girly. I only seen Matt once.  I was relaxing on the couch in the living room, I had my eyes shut, but when I opened them there he was.  If I were to try to describe him I would say he looked like a man from the 1950s with his hair slicked back.  Anyway, when I opened my eyes I was greeted by a completely black male figure.

I’ve heard stories where sightings of shadow people are usually quick glances, or they are human shaped until around the legs where they become more like a blur.

In my case it wasn’t a glance, and he didn’t go into a blur.  He was a basic human except for him only being a black figure with no features other than his hair which was slicked back. Even without any features though I could tell he was staring into my eyes while I stared into his nonexistent eyes.  He was strange to see, but I had no sense of fear only friendliness.

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The Hat Man

After I’ve been watching these horror stories, I’ve decided that I would share mine.

A little bit of backstory first: I’m an only female in my house with two brothers and my dad, my mum died when I was 3 so my dad is currently bringing up 3 teenagers by himself.

For my brother’s sake and safety, I’ll call them; Max aged 18, Ryan aged 16 and me Abi aged 14. Even though I’m the youngest I’m the most protective,  I don’t know what I would do if my brothers were gone even though they hate me and think that I’m soo annoying this will be important later. Anyway onto the story:

This happened on a school break, it was night.

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Black shadow

Let me start by giving some background, I’m going to turn 16 within a week of me posting this, but I must have been two or three.

My mum has always been able to tell if there Was something paranormal going on, including blackshadows, some people call them shadow people. I don’t remember any of this, but I’ve been told multiple times by my mum:

When I was younger for about the span of three months I would wake up in the middle of the night, every night, screaming. At first my mum thought it was nothing, just another nightmare that young children often get, but after a few weeks, my mum started to notice something, I would wake up every night at exactly eleven pm. No earlier. No later.

At the point when she started to notice, she also started to stay up until I woke up, and at that point it became obvious, this wasn’t just another nightmare.

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