The Ghosts are Normal

By silverwulf46

When I was growing up my grandmother told me and my sisters that she had an ability to see and help the deceased. She was an usher at church and was very devoted to the church. Growing up my sisters and I would see things in the house that we could not explain. My eldest sister saw a white faced ‘thing’ in her bedroom very often. Read more “The Ghosts are Normal”

Unknown Shadows

By Chaotic Dusk

First, I’m going to give some background. This took place a year and a half ago in the area where I live. It was the fourth of July so we were doing the usual of setting off fireworks in the cul-de-sac with the other people who live in and around there. This means everyone in the area surrounding the cul-de-sac was there. Read more “Unknown Shadows”

The White Flowers

By Lexi

I used to live in an area right between two towns in Wisconsin near Hudson, and directly next to a pheasant hunting marsh. My mom’s decision since she wanted to live away from the sounds of the busy town. My house, a duplex was cradled between the marsh to the right, a corn field in front and to the right a steep hill covered in forest. After a few tries of hoisting myself up the steep side with trees I found my way up by circling the side of the hill to the top. Still very steep but easier than scaling any of the sides. Read more “The White Flowers”

Midnight Tapping

By Just A Grandma

I don’t know if this was paranormal or not, I was too chicken to check.

I’m a middle aged mother of four adult kids. I’m an avid horror fan and frequently listen to true creepy stories on YouTube while driving or cleaning house. That’s me, now for my incident. Read more “Midnight Tapping”

Midnight Creature

By Allven

I live in Serbia and I was seventeen when this happened. I was chilling in my friend’s house. There were three of us at the time. We got bored so we decided to go to my friend’s garage and work on his bike. Read more “Midnight Creature”

Dukh Zla

By Anonymous

I want to start by saying all of this happened in 2011 in Siberia Russia very thickly wooded. I am going to relay as much info as possible without giving any info on mission objectives at the time. I am Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (or MARSOC). Read more “Dukh Zla”

True UFO Encounter

By John G.

This happened to me when I was 14 years old, I live in a nice little village in the Kentish countryside of Britain. I have always been a strong believer in the paranormal and I think we can’t be the only life in the known universe. So I went to bed one Saturday night about 10:30 pm, I had a good few hours sleep and I awoke at about 2 am. laying in my bed looking towards my bedroom window on my right, I noticed a bright star brighter than any other star, It was a round orb like thing what had a blue and white glow. Read more “True UFO Encounter”

My “Experience”

By Ben L.

I don’t know why but I have started wanting to tell this story that for years since I would rarely mentioned and to this day I wont talk about it after dark. Read more “My “Experience””

The Basement Flat

By Cat

I am a 23 year old female and I live in the borders of Scotland. A few years ago i was looking for a flat with my boyfriend, when we came across a little flat advertised as a “Garden flat of a old victorian house”. We made an appointment to view it and found out it was a basement of a huge house and the landlord lived above it, she was a little old lady and seemed quite sweet. Read more “The Basement Flat”

The Flaming Glow at the Cocoa Grove

By Breno P.

The following story happened with my aunt, at the countryside of Amazonas, Brazil. The whole region is known to own a lot of lore of course, as it was Native’s land, and a lot of this lore got mixed with Christian and European culture, creating a strange, colorful and vivid amalgam of weird legends e degenerated beliefs in each independent village. Read more “The Flaming Glow at the Cocoa Grove”