It happened again

Hey darkness prevails,you have read one of my accounts before that happened to me back in 2006,I had a goat man sighting in the woods near my house in Kentucky,I was 23 when I submitted my last encounter to your Chanel,I am now 25,I never thought I would encounter the creature again after it being 12 years since my encounter,I had another encounter last week,,with the goat man,so I am now going to get into that.

I still live with my parents in a rural part of Kentucky,I am not going to disclose the name of my town for privacy reasons,but I live just out side of the small town of a population of about 600 people in the south west part of Kentucky,and a lot of people in and around these parts have had encounters with the same beast.

I had woke up one morning last week and decided to get out of bed and take the dog a walk,my mom and dad were out of town for a week visiting family in Memphis,Tennessee. I took the dog out at about 8am in the morning it was cloudy out which gave an eerie feeling to the atmosphere,I also forgot to disclose that I all around my house is a 6 acre field with 75 acres of uninhabited forest land around the property,at the back of the field.

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My daughter can see things

My daughter, Grace, is 5 years old. She’s incredibly smart to the point she’s reading, writing and communicating well above her age. She has always been like this. She was my first child and I was no longer with her father by the time she turned 1. We had been on an off since I found out I was expecting, we had broken up at 7 months pregnant and got back together when she was 5 months old. Grace and I lived with her Grandpa, my father, in my Nan’s old house. She had passed away a few years previous, and we always joked that she was still wandering around house, it was almost like a daily routine that at 9am and 4 pm every day there were noises from upstairs of her bedroom door opening and footsteps to and from the bathroom, ending with the eventual closure of her bedroom (now my fathers bedroom) door. My bedroom is opposite his and I could never have the door open in the evening or at night. There was always a growing sense of someone, or something on the landing, watching all the time. But I’ll dedicate another post to that at another time.

I never really thought about it much until I was showing Grace the photos on the fireplace when she was about 7 months old. I showed her a picture of my family and was teaching her people’s names. I showed her a photo of my Father when he graduated the Police Academy, he was standing next to my Nan so I said her name and tried to get Grace to point to where she was in the photo, like she had with the multiple other photos. She looked at me and pointed behind me, to the cupboard under the stairs and said, clear as day, “Nanny.” Seems a bit unimportant, until I tell you that that cupboard is completely empty. Except for my Nan’s Urn. I froze. The temperature dropped and I couldn’t bring myself to turn round and look. I heard what sounded like the door handle squeak and the door creak as it someone were trying to open it. It stopped after about 10 seconds and I immediately heard the footsteps upstairs. We were home alone, my Father works 12 hour shifts in London and his house was in a village about 45 minute train journey away. He wouldn’t have been home for hours. After a few minutes things seemed to go back to normal, I locked us in my bedroom all the same. I never joked lightly about my Nan’s ‘daily routine’ again. I moved out a few weeks later, and my dad sold the house not long after. We don’t spend enough time at his new house to experience anything. I don’t know who she saw, but I know it wasn’t the last time she would see someone who wasn’t physically there.

Something in the blue Mountains

This is a fairly recent experience that has really effected since it happened.

For some background and location layout, I’m a 21 year old from Australia and though I’ve always been intrigued by the paranormal, though I’ve never been sensitive to it or easily paranoid or scared. This occurrence happened a month ago as I was returning from a wedding along the central coast which is 2 or so hours north of Sydney and I live just west of the blue mountains, a mountainous region west of Sydney and really a rather beautiful place. There’s a pretty direct highway that connects my hometown to where I was attending this event so it is a pretty straight forward drive on any other day that I’ve done countless time before.

On this particular night, I was driving home alone from a long day as I had work the next morning. It was 1am by the time I had gotten halfway through my drive in Sydney and due to an accident earlier in the day, my route was redirected to a side road I was very unfamiliar with but I thought nothing of it. As I was driving with the windows down and the music blasting I noticed my car was getting very hot, very fast. Granted, it was a hot day on the coast where I was but I thought it would be best to pull over and let it cool.

As I stopped the car and got out to stretch my legs, I was admiring the beautiful night view I had of Sydney behind me when I got this very uneasy feeling… its difficult to explain really but I had suddenly felt so unsafe and unwelcome where I was. I tried to brush it off, checked my radiator incase it was leaking or needed refilling and got back in the car to continue my drive home. I had gotten only 40 or so minutes further in my drive when this huge amount of smoke started coming from my bonnet, I pulled over straight away, popped the hood and after the smoke had cleared I noticed something leaking underneath the car. I know that the car was fine when I had left the wedding, I’m very careful about making sure everything is as it needs to be for a long drive so this was very unexpected. I didn’t know what to do, I was panicking and needed help but I hadn’t seen another car since leaving the city. Amongst my worry, that feeling of unease comeback like a ton of bricks. I didn’t want to be there, I didn’t feel safe but I couldn’t keep driving.

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McDonald’s Horror

I was about 7 when this happened and I don’t remember much now that I’m 17 but I’ll describe what I do remember.

It was about 6 pm and my grandmother had taken my little sister and I to McDonald’s for dinner and, due to it being fall, it was dark outside. Now, we lived in a super sketchy town with gang fights nearly every night, so this wasn’t too shocking although it was terrifying.

My little sister and I finished our dinner so we could go play and, right about the time we were getting ready to leave, I ran to use the bathroom which was in the playroom. I washed my hands and exited once I finished and saw the playroom was pitch black, lit only by the lights in the main part of the restaurant and the lights outside. Someone pulled me down to the ground and shushed me and I peeked up through the main glass window where people were yelling on the other side. Someone was standing in front of the register with a gun. I watched, scared, but not really knowing what was going on. At this point, my memory unfortunately blacks out, but I remember being escorted out of the restaurant with my grandmother and sister by police. I wish I could rmemebr what happened during my memory blackout.

A Night At Central High School

A coworker told me this unforgettable story about his time in high school. I’m now writing from his perspective. All names have been changed.

Central High School in Springfield, Missouri is haunted. I know what you’re thinking, every kid says their school is haunted. But my story is different. I saw it. Central was actually the first high school in Springfield, and the original brick building with its tower still stands, but has now expanded with many new wings.

We’d all heard the stories about the steam tunnels that connected the buildings and the supposed hangings, but far more compelling was the story of the deadly principal who would whip troublesome students to death. That would’ve happened long ago when Springfield was a small town and not the queen city of the Ozarks. We had heard the rumors, the stories that were likely exaggerated, but being high schoolers, we knew we had to do one thing: be at the school late at night.

I was the one who came up with the idea that we needed to join the drama class. They were preparing a performance of South Pacific, and as I explained to my group of friends, the way to get in would be to join the class as stagehands, stay to clean after the performance, and then just stay. And that was what we did. Well, only a couple of us actually got on the crew, but after everyone else had left, letting them in was simple.

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The thing that watched me at night

I have never told this to anyone except a few friends. Before I start telling the story I just want to say that i was six at the time and my room had the attic door in it so yeah. So one night after I moved in to my new house with my family I woke up to go to the restroom but when I looked towards the foot of my bed I saw something standing there just staring at me not moving. The thing was around seven to eight feet tall it had red eyes, it looked like it was standing all the way up but it’s head was bent over because its neck was too close to the ceiling, it was very slender and tall. A week has pasted now and that thing would still watch me and I couldn’t sleep at all for that week.

A few years have pasted and I’m now in the basement of my house and some of the ceiling tiles are out and I have to wake up to go to the restroom which their was a toilet in the basement. So I got out of bed to go to the toilet, but I had to go through two different rooms just to get to the toilet which was like a very thin wall between it and my room and once I got there I turned on the light and that is when i saw it the tall slender thing it was very pale and it was trying to get into the ceiling where there were no tiles. As soon as I turned in the lights it froze then it turned around to face me. It’s face was horrifying and i don’t know how to describe it. It wore nothing because it had nothing to cover up. when it saw me it pointed strait at me like it wanted to communicate or it wanted me or something . After I saw it I ran up stairs to get something to eat and I sat down to watch some T.V. because i didn’t want to be in that room with the thing trying to get in to it. But that was the last time i saw the thing.

Shadow Person(s)

Hi. My name is Tyler, and I believe that I have been being stalked by one or more shadow people. It started about a year ago, school had just strated, and my teachers all seemed great. That afternoon, when I got home from school, my life continued as usual, but that night, when I turned off the light, I ran and jumped onto my bed, as I am a paranoid person. I didn’t believe in monsters specifically, but I had an inTeresa in the paranormal.

Anyway, I sleep on my left side, facing the wall, because once again, I am a paranoid person. My room at night is nearly pitch black, but I felt like someone was watching me. That morning, I didn’t think much of it. The day continued as usual.

That night, when I turned off my light, I felt a presence, the same one as the night before, but it felt close.

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The Shadow That Haunted Me.

This story is from when i was about 11-12 years old.

My family lived in a fairly decent neighbor hood, there weren’t very many break-ins or robberies, or any serious crimes like that in the past couple years.

But anyways, I used to ride my bike down a trail near my house, it led to an old abandoned trailer.

A lot of older kids used to go there and break windows and spray paint. You know, those types of things. I guess i wanted to fit in, so i started going back there and messing around. I’d throw rocks at the walls in an attempt to break holes in it. I pretty much busted up most of the walls in the living room area, so i went farther into the trailer.

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My Shadow Person

I’m not one who often experiences the paranormal but when your dog notices you notice.

I was in my room playing on my phone like I usually do and when I looked up I saw a shadowy humanoid figure standing in my door way.

I had the sense that it was staring at me. Not like it wanted to hurt me and was planning my murder, but like when you look up and see your dog staring at you.

I decided to pass it off for me looking at my phone for to long. My dog on the other hand decided to let me know it wasn’t just my eyes playing tricks on me.

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Shadow Person in my home

This was a few years ago.  I live in New York, and my family was gathering at my aunt’s home in Virgina for my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  My parents and grandmother were going to spend a week there but my sister and I had to work so we just went down for the weekend.

It was getting late as we got back to N.Y. so we picked up some dinner on the way home.   While we were eating I clearly saw a shadow figure behind my sister.  It walked out of the bathroom and into my parent’s bedroom.

I stood up and examined my parent’s bedroom but didn’t see anything out of place.

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