Spirit on a Snowy Night

I’m a 12 year old girl living in the Midwest Region of the U.S. This story happened in December 2016, when I was around 10 years old. I was visiting my dad for the weekend in a large town about three hours away from where I live. This took place during a snow storm on a Friday night.

The night started off pretty normal. We got to town around 8 O’Clock and ordered some pizzas and rented a couple of movies. When we got to my dad’s apartment, we put in one of the movies we had rented and sat down to eat some pizza. My younger siblings Ashlyn and Fenix were sitting at the kitchen table and my dad, his girlfriend, and I were sitting on the couch in the living room and everything was fine.

Fast forward to around midnight. My younger siblings were both in bed along with my dad’s girlfriend Lauren, and my dad and I were in the living room. I was playing Call of Duty or something like that and he was on his phone texting his friends. Lauren’s cat, Speed, was sleeping on my lap when all of a sudden, his head shot up and stared at the bathroom door across the room, which was open. My dad noticed that I was staring at the door and he asked me what was wrong.

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My first paranormal encounter

My first paranormal encounter was when I was 10. I want to be clear I’ve never seen a spirit or ghost whatever you wanna say. This occurrence is strictly something that I cannot explain. I was 10 years old and my family went to stay with my uncle before Christmas. My uncles wife had passed away and so my family all gathered at his house. Plus my uncles house was the biggest for holidays.

My uncles house was old and in the middle of the country. The house was heated by wood burning stove. So when we were there in the winter the living room was where everyone slept.

One night my brothers and cousins all went to the dining room which was next to the living room so we could watch a movie. The adults set that up so they didn’t have to watch the kids movies with us. We were all watching a movie Ace Ventura or something like that. We were all laying on the ground and I just happened to fall asleep.

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Never safe

I was a full time college student when I meet him. One day I decided to stop by the computer lab before going to class. I wanted to check my online bids. I was wearing a school girl outfit that day and he was in the lab and it attracted his attention. He seemed nice at first he offered to carry my books to my class and I agreed. We exchanged phone numbers. We talked on the phone for a couple days we liked a lot of the same tv shows videogames and so on. I gave him my address and school schedule. After all a man so polite and kind couldn’t be dangerous. he brought flowers to my class. And it seemed perfect.

About a week later he told me that he had just bee released from prison for molesting a 6 year old little girl. I was scared he had all my information already I couldn’t un tell him it and I knew he could easily get to me and hurt me if he wanted to. So I played along all nice hopeing he would be nice if I was nice.

First year was great and then progressively he got worse and worse more and more abusive. He would continually say that if he wasn’t with me he would molest another child. So I stayed with him and put up with his crap trying to keep the unknown children safe. 4 years after I meet him we had an unplanned pregnancy I was very happy at first still am about the baby but not so much his attitude or the trouble that was caused.

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the creepy blizzard In ohio

Ok so I was inside my house looking out the window into the blizzard. I could not really see anything. My sister asked if we could have some coco of coffee. I told her we don’t have any more, and that we would have to wait till the blizzard was over. Then we started arguing about going to the store now and not waiting because the house was cold. I said to turn on the heater and put on a jacket until the house gets warmer. We where about to hit each other until a snowball hit our window. Then my dog barked and we herd something like a boy/man was screaming. I think the snowball had a rock in it because our window cracked. She told me that maybe we should leave and I said well maybe it was our neighbor and that he was drunk again. She said she would check so I said that I would be going outside to check it out to, but first grab a jacket so we won’t get sick. so we grabbed our jackets and grabbed the door knob then my baby girl haylee started to cry and my sister olivia’s baby started to cry. So we got them and put their jackets on and took them outside to. I saw my dog was on our door step with her head bleeding and she ran inside once I opened the door and an man yelled “Damn dog ” That is when I saw a shadowy man and told everyone to go inside when he was running toward us. We shut the door and he was banging on the door. The door was looked to. Then he gone to the window trying to break it. We ran up stairs and hid with the babies Haylee and Natalie. Who started crying then we gave them their bottles. Haylee and Natalie stopped, but the glass broke hoping that was not the window, then we called the cops. I was whispering it the cops kept asking why am I whispering. I told them at the end of the call. He turned to our room. That is where we are hiding BTW. We see the shoes. I was about to scream but my sister covers my mouth and her arm rubbed the carpet and the man’s shoes turn to our hiding spot. The cops break down the door. I told them that I was hiding in the room. They came to us to get us out of our hiding spot and we saw who the guy was. He was my ex, my baby’s father, the person I hate the most. He was there to kill me and Olivia. He cheated on me with my sister. So Natalie is also his daughter too. He was going to take them. At least that is what he told the cops and they told me. If I would of gone up to him, I might of died. This still creeps me out to this day. My baby haylee is now 5. This was about 5 years and a month ago.

What happened to us?

This happened just last week so I’m still pretty shaken up. I’m getting nervous just typing about it. A bit of background. I’m from Tennessee, where you see rednecks driving around in their underwear. I hadn’t been on a long trip in a while. So me and my best friend Joseph decided to go on a road trip. We agreed to travel to Iowa and spend a week at any hotel we could find. We had no idea what was going to happen to us.

I’ll skip the 6 hour drive part. That’s a whole other story in itself. Anyway, we arrived in Iowa at around 5 pm in the afternoon. I won’t say what town and such. We were exhausted and just wanted to sleep. For whatever reason every hotel we looked at was either way too expensive, or just booked. We even tried some motels, of course that didn’t work either. We we’re considering camping out at some parking lot. “There’s one more hotel we haven’t tried.” Joseph said while looking at his phone. I won’t be saying the hotel’s name either. Anyway, back to the story. I was too tired to think and started driving to the address. When we arrived I noticed that there were tons of cars filling the parking lot. We almost didn’t find anywhere to park. I looked around and noticed all the cars were old, like really old. They looked like cars you would see driving around in the 80’s or 90’s. “It’s gonna be walking dead in here” Joseph said with a laugh. I laughed with him then started getting luggage out while he went to get a room. He came back and said “We’re lucky, there’s only one room available.”. We then grabbed our bags and headed in.

As soon as I entered, I smelled smoke. Not like someone was grilling something, but like something was burning. I just brushed it off as this place being old. Then I noticed the lady at the desk, really I noticed what she was wearing. Her dress, her hair, her bright red lipstick. It was all so old fashioned. I leaned in to Joseph and whispered “She could play in the Andy Griffith show”. Now that I think of it, the entire place seemed very…old. We made it to our rooms and dropped our bags and collapsed on to our beds.

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The Old Lady In The Swedish Cabin

I´m a 21 year old girl from Norway, this happened to me when I was around 13-14 years old.

Me, my mom, my sister and her two daughters went on a road trip to Sweden one summer, we rented a cabin for 2 nights before driving back home. The journey went well and after 13 hours we finally arrived to the resort where the cabin was located.
We got the keys for a small wood cabin with 4 beds and a small bathroom. The beds in the cabin was full of doghair, and since both me and my sister are allergic, we had to get a new cabin.
We got the keys to a big red house on the middle of the resort. 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room and 2 bedrooms. It was beautiful and I looked forward to stay there for the 2 days and spend time with my family.
Me and my mom got the bedroom on the second floor and my sister and her daughters had the room right below us. This is important for the story to know.
We went out for shopping and came back with food for a big BBQ, candy and food for breakfast the next day.

It started to get dark outside, so we decided to have the BBQ before it got too dark. My mom and my sister made the food and the kids included me played some games on the lawn while we waited for the food. I got a feeling that I was being watched from the window upstairs. I kept looking up, but I didn’t see anything. My sister eventually joined the game, but every time I looked at her, she was watching the same window as me. I said it was cold outside and I wanted to eat in the kitchen because I was too scared to look up to the window again.

We sat in the kitchen around a table playing cards and listening to music. The girls was dancing around and we had a really good time. I got the feeling that I was being watched again and had to look up the staircase that u could see from the kitchen. It was dark upstairs, so I could not see anything, but I was sure something was up there looking back down at us. My mom commented that she felt something or someone was watching her and I told her I was feeling the same. We all got creeped out and we decided to go to bed.

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KFC bathroom

Once I was at a KFC with my dad while we were on a road trip. I went to the bathroom because we hadn’t stopped driving since 5:00 am, when I went it was around 1pm. I went to the bathroom while my dad ordered our large bucket and two colas.

When I opened the door all I saw was a stall door closing so I though, “hmm nothing unusual just another man going to the restroom” but boy was I wrong.

After I took a leek the man walked out of the stall he had a twisting scar down his left cheek and ragged dirty hair. I was a 9 year old boy at the time so I wasn’t really paying attention to him.

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Creepy Colorado vacation

Okay, this happened a long time ago, around the time when I was twelve or thirteen. My family and I were on a road trip to visit my aunt and cousin’s in Colorado, which is about a two and a half day drive from my house.

On the second day, we stopped at an outdoor mall to walk around and stretch our legs. My siblings and my mom wandered off to a store, and me, being the lazy kid that I was, decided to sit down on a bench to rest my legs.

I wasn’t very active, and to be quite honest, I didn’t like to shop.

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3-Star UFO

This is a story my mom & her family experienced back in the 1970s.

This story has been pieced together from what my mom & Uncle Nick have told me. One night their family (my mom, uncle, 2 aunts, grandma & grandpa) was on a road trip & was driving on a country road.

It was a starry night & the family noticed 3 stars that were larger & brighter than the others. They became frightened when they noticed the stars getting bigger & they seemed to black out the stars behind them. It was some kind of UFO & it scared the family. They thought they were gonna be abducted & rolled up the windows & sped up.

It got closer then farther from them several times which further increased their fear. Eventually it went away & they never found out what could have done that.

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Psycho ex

First, I’m gonna give a little background. I’m 19, female. My ex is a year younger, we had an on and off relationship since middle school. I moved away for about 5 years to finish my education in a more stable environment then I moved back to be with him again.

All was alright at first, we had problems like a normal couple. I left twice by force over a pathetic fight but we made amends and came back together. All was good until about the last month of living together, he was mentally abusive. Calling me names but still I chose to stay and work things out..well try.

So, living there you’re always drinking or something to make life more interesting. On this property there’s two houses, one his parents lived on, the other one that’s where we stayed. Not rather livable and you almost die in heat or cold every year.

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