Evil mail man

Last week, I won a free video game for posting the best comment from youtube on the SuperMarioLogan video. SuperMarioLogan is one of the most popular YouTube channels. Usually the SuperMarioLogan crew did plush and puppet video.

I was home alone waiting for a package of Nintendo switch and the Zelda game Friday morning last week. At 10:30 am, the mail man knocked on the door. I opened the door and I signed my name then I got the package. Before I shut the door, the mail man told me to wait outside because he wanted to make sure he got everything and then tell me he did or not. He went to the vehicle and ran back out of the vehicle with an axe. I shut and locked the door behind me and put some traps on the stairs before the mail man could axe me. Then, I ran through my room into the bathroom next to my bedroom to lock 2 doors which is my bedroom door and my bathroom door to feel safer. I called the police after that and they told me to stay on the phone and they’ll be there as soon as possible. I heard the front door break open then I heard a trip on the stairs. 10 minutes later, I heard the siren. Then I peeked out of my bedroom window and found out that the mail man was arrested. Then I came downstairs and told the police what happened.

The other police officer had to drive the mail man’s truck back and the other police officers had to stay at my house until we got a new door replaced. Later that day, we got a new door replaced. The next day I saw the mail man on the news. From now on, I’ll be more cautious when the mail man comes.

The Hand

Doors forcibly slammed, while four residents exited the convertible. Two sisters, similar features with the same glossy ocean hues, blonde hair bouncing with such grace despite the absolute no effort put in them. A muscular man in mid-forties, hair barely thinning while the beginning of a beard showing on his facial features, as his blond hair was decently messy. Emerald orbs staring toward the house displayed in front of them all, eyes dull without a spec of emotion. His height like a skyscraper compared to the other three females by his sides. A round women with curly hair similar toward the two younger girls, yet a dark shade of chestnut brown. Face coated with all types of concealers and powder, the strong smell of perfume overwhelming everyones sense of smell.

“We’re seriously going to live here?” The man inquired, eyes shifting toward the plump woman who’s practically beaming with joy. Oblivious to the distaste her husband showed, heels clicking noisily as she sauntered to the trunk, popping it open.

She nodded, hauling two bags over her shoulder, a wide grin causing her dimples to show off. “Yes, we are Robert. The move is great for us, the house is ginormous!” Ignoring the huff of protest, the women ushered her daughters to grab their bags, they did without a hint of protest. The sibling with a curvy figure seemed more uncertain, while the other blocked out all of her worries since her mothers words reassured her.

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Minecraft summoning gone completely wrong

Back when I was playing Minecraft on my Xbox 360, I was starting to get interested in the being known as Herobrine. This was before he was deleted off of all Minecraft existing. I learned how to summon this being, so I tried it for myself.

That is where everything went wrong. Worst part is, he kept coming back. TNT being lit by a Redstone torch, signs being placed by no one, it was the closest to the paranormal I’d ever get until later in my life. At first it started with a sign saying “I’m here” and “It’s me”. I started to think this was a prank, by a person in the game.

So I checked the playerlist to call them out on it. But to my surprise, no one was in the game. I was shocked, and my face showed it. My friend from down the street, let’s call him, N, has told me countless times that Herobrine is fake, I began to disagree with him. So, to prove to N that Herobrine is no joke, I invited him to a party and to my game. When he joined, I told him that Herobrine is real. He said, “No, he’s not”. I began to show him the evidence. He said, “You did all this to trick me.” There was a bit of anger to his voice. I guess he was mad that I dragged him out of his COD match to show him this. H

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That creeping….thing out there…

My name is Alex…I saw something out there…I-it was horrifying. I never wanted to remember this living nightmare. I was 14. I went into a forest for deer hunting with my friends. I never should have gone into those dang woods. we had been walking, and I had only caught a rabbit.

I was armed with my shotgun, a bowie knife, which was a gift from my dad, a flare gun, normal flares, my ASP pistol, and extra ammo. My friend carried a .22 rifle, a army knife, one flare, a Ballester-Molina pistol, a bow, and extra ammo. We kept on walking through the woods, going deeper and deeper into the greenery. Then, we saw something horrifying.

There was blood splattered everywhere. Now, when coyotes or wolves go hunting, they make the kill right. They take the sick, or one of the wounded or young, separate them from the group, and lead them to the alpha. The critter doesn’t even know it’s own throat has been ripped out till it’s too late. It never sees the alpha coming. It may hear it, but never see’s it coming. Sure there may be some blood, and it’s even worse when they breed with coydogs, but this…this was different.

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The Tailor’s Son

The Tailor’s Son

Matias Fernandez

Joshua Leak was reported missing on July 21, 1956. On August 30, three pieces of notebook paper were left outside the local tailor’s shop. Included with the packet were three photographs depicting a shallow grave and the decomposing corpse of a young boy. A package containing the same papers and photos appeared on the doorstep of the police department the next day.

These are what they said.

Number one

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The Boy and the Beast

“Everyone knows monsters don’t exist”

The low hiss of an all too familiar voice invaded Jonathan’s ears again as he lay as still as a statue. Tears silently welled in his eyes as he made sure to keep his arms and legs as close to the middle of the bed as possible. A while before, he had made the mistake to fall asleep with his arm dangling off the side of the mattress. The sensation of his hand being crushed and broken was the most pointed incident in existence to his six year old mind. His parents had found him on the floor with a mangled wrist. Both they and the doctor told him that he had fallen out of bed.

He wanted to believe them.

The voice cut through the air again, sounding like a snake’s hiss mashed with a hyena’s mocking cackle. When it spoke, the air filled with a sulfuric smell that matched the voice, and it made Jonathan’s face scrunch up in disgust. “Little one, I know you’re up there.” It stopped for a moment, and the noise of claws scraping on a hardwood floor started to fill the room. “I heard what your mother said,” Jonathan curled up in the middle of the bed under mountains of blankets and pillows. “She said that I’m in your head, that I don’t even exist, that if you don’t think about me, I’ll go away,”

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Mr. Googly Eyes

Lila. Where do I even begin with her? If she’s not flashing a toothy grin with lips smeared with chocolate ice cream, she’s prancing around the backyard, lost in a four-year-old’s fantasy of princesses, witches, and fairies. Sometimes she’ll invite a friend or two over for a play date and I’ll watch them run around; her long brown hair blows calmly in the gentle breeze, and there’s nothing better than seeing my daughter beam with excitement as she embraces the wondrous thoughts that fuel her imagination.

Yes, it truly is precious to watch her grow and explore, to live a life as every child should: free from the dangers that threaten the outside world. I wish I could say that Lila’s young life has remained full of joy, welcomed in that fragile sanctuary where bliss and wonder comfort her each day. But about four months ago, she was exposed to a cruel reality that no child should ever have to face. An unnerving danger that shouldn’t exist to begin with. This is her story. Well… more like our story…

For the past ten years, I’ve worked as a traveling businesswoman for a private software company. My occupation often leads me around different parts of the country, but occasionally I travel internationally as well. London, Paris, Tokyo, I’ve been to several global hotspots. As you can imagine, the job certainly has its perks; perhaps the biggest being that the paycheck comes in six figures. My husband owns a law firm so between the two of us, we’re living what most people might consider to be the American Dream. A mansion tucked away in suburban Pennsylvania, complete with an in-ground pool, a tennis court, and a small movie theater… It’s certainly a lifestyle to be grateful for.

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The Knocking man

Hi my names john im a 15 year old male i’m about 6,0 and well built not exactly someone you would pick a fight on, i am also not scared very easily.

Well this is my experience of the Knocking Man.

It all started well over year ago when i was going through some creepy sites on the dark web,I came across a rather strange video where there was a dark room light by a single candle i remember seeing a man walk through a door into this room,he wore all black and his face was covered with black paint, all you could see was his big white wide eyes gazing at you as if he was staring straight into your soul. I remember him moving his giant red lips whispering something i could hear it so i turned my laptop up as soon as i did he ran at the camera, this made me fall back in my chair when i got back up he started laughing with a evil demonic laugh like nothing i have heard before, then suddenly the laughing come to a stop and my whole laptop froze the screen went blank and stayed blank for a couple of minutes or so then in big white writing it said YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN! I couldn’t comprehend this i sat there in my chair thinking what had just happened. The text was still on my screen i tried everything and it wouldn’t come off i ended up getting a screw driver and took the battery out of the laptop i have never touched it since.

After about a month or so i had basically forgotten about it but then it started hearing , a faint knocking at my window every night. This knocking was really effecting my life, my social life was gone, I was failing my grades and I started arguing a lot with my parents all because of this Damn Knocking! I know what your thinking why didn’t you just look out of your window? Which i did almost every night but when i did it stopped and as soon as i got into bed it would start again.To me this is impossible the only way you could reach my window would be to use a ladder every time i checked there was nothing just my parents car in the drive way.

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Maverick’s Revenge: The Orgin

Maverick’s Revenge Origin
I grew up in the well known area as Huston, Texas. Though growing up in a military family I moved around very often, eventually getting held back my freshman year due to all the moving. My dad on the other hand just said I never tried or never cared. Growing up it was pretty rough though it wasn’t the worse situations as someone I know has had a very rough life, but more on her later. My older brother who will remain nameless used to abuse me and no I do not mean the brothers wrestling to play around.I mean him being seventeen and me a little four year old. Eventually as a child i became depressed even trying to run away… only to be stopped by my mother that I hated.

You see I am what they refer to as a “crack baby” because my mom used the drug crack cocaine while pregnant with me. Luckily I came out with no health issues at all. I Maverick Gordon Bucky Eden defined odds that day. I was completely healthy. Until my parents divorce happened about eight years ago. I haven’t became into contact with anyone one on my mom’s side of my family. For nine goddamn years.
Eventually my family and I had to relocate to a small town in Kentucky. I moved there my freshman year I was attending attending Shelby County West High School. While attending their I was in Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.Keyword WAS. I moved to Shelby County East High School halfway into my sophomore year. Over there things started to change. At first everything was going well actually i eventually made a new best friend. I met her in the Marine Corp Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.

Her name was Charlotte Ann Moore, unlike me she was in the right grade. She had to of been sick the first day I was there. I met her in my second period class on my second day. She seemed like a nice girl, also pretty damn cute. Who am i kidding she was fucking gorgeous! Beautiful big green eyes, short brown hair, she didn’t even have on makeup and her skin was nearly perfect. She turned around to look at me for a moment. “Welcome to hell, where these instructors have your soul for three years or you will not graduate because you dropped out.” She said giving me a laugh. “Aaden?” I asked looking at the guy next to her. He went to west high with me but he moved in the beginning of the year. “Is that your girlfriend?” He did looked and me and back at the girl. “Yes, she is.” he replied to me giving her a smile. I smiled at him and said “You’re a lucky man!”
Eventually the First Sergeant walked in. “Class attend hut!” He would yell giving us the cue to stand at the position of attention. The usual happened that day, well almost, we were doing marksmanship and since we both were not here when kids were assigned the relays to go to, we were on the last one. Only the two of us were on the relay. It seemed pretty great for the most part. Until i got yelled at for having the wrong style of haircut. You see if anyone knows people in the Marine Corp you have to have a certain hair cut. Zero on the point bottom hair three on the top with a fade. I just had a normal haircut.

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Office shadows

Don’t we all just hate Mondays?

Freedom of the weekend is over and the whole working week is in front of us. I know I hate them.

The company I work in is placed in New Hampshire. It takes me an hour to get there and an hour to come back home. Two extra hours of my day goes down the drain, 5 days of the week. I don’t like working there but right now it is my only option. You can only guess how excited I am when I enter the building every morning with the perspective of sitting there for the next 8 hours. I guess it’s my depressed mood that made the shadows visible to me. Let me start from the beginning.

The building of my office has 4 levels. On each level there are at least 5 different offices. However, a lot of these spaces are for rent. Some of companies are open once a week and some of them are just…empty.

I work on the 2nd level. And it is practically a ghost town there. My office is at the end of a long corridor. Each level has shared men and women bathrooms for entire the floor. There are no windows, and you can only hope that the lights will work. To get to my office I have to go through the entire floor and the first thing I see when I get on the 2nd floor is the dark, empty rooms behind locked, glass door. I used to stop by it everyday and look inside. I did it because I heard a gossip that maybe the company where I worked will change office space in this building for a bigger one. And this empty office would be just perfect – it’s big and it has separate rooms…not like ours…just one big, annoying open space. So I would look inside to see if it is really available for rent and I would dream of moving in there. Day after day I looked inside every time I passed its doors and I have never seen any living soul inside.

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