THe dangers of walking alone at night

Elias looked down at his watch with pursed lips. It was fifteen minutes past midnight. The dark blanket of night covered the sky, with tiny, white stars barely showing through. The lampposts revealed the multiple worn down houses and shops, which seem to beckon to him in an ominous manner. The wind was howling and a few unpleasant characters skittered around like rats in a sewer.

He knew better than to walk home alone. He remembered his half-brother telling him horror stories at night about people who’d stroll down dark, lonely roads and never return home. Too bad he had moved away to live with his uncle, or he would’ve been able to pick him up in his fancy, horse drawn carriage he was always boasting about. Though he had no other choice. He had no change for the horse-bus, and what was worse, his oldest friend, too occupied with a petite blonde, forgot to give him a ride home. Selfish turd.

He had just come from a House party hosted by Judith Hemsworth, the prettiest girl in little Durry and the object of his infatuation. Elias was dressed in his best suit, complete with a black top hat that was a bit big for his small head. He also wore his grandfather’s pocket watch which was attached with a silver chain. Elias liked how it glimmered and reflected in the moonlight.

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Be Careful Standing in the Way of the Wind

Have you ever experienced on a really windy day the wind just hopelessly becoming trapped in some tunnel, tight space or inside a building.

It desperately tries to find a way out as it knocks things over, or starts banging doors and making a high pitch noise. Its quite annoying when it happens especially if you have to walk through tunnels and tight spaces to get home and you can really feel the force of the wind fighting its way out of tight corners.

The wind you can say is claustrophobic in a sense and some people do try and find something fun out of the wind trying to fight against it.

When I was younger hanging about with my friends around my house and on a really windy day I use to open the front door to trap the wind. I would just experience watching and feeling the wind knocking things over, banging doors and making the most eeriest sounds.

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The Wendigo that Lurks

This happened when I was 20, I was moving out of my parents house to move into a farm. When I got to the farm, I began setting all of my stuff down. I cleaned up the dirty farmhouse and found some stuff that belonged to the people who used to live here.

Three weeks after settling into the new place, I began hearing random noises at midnight and it kept me up. When I always heard these sounds they annoyed me so I got out my rifle and flashlight. I tried to find out what the noise is but I end up finding scratches around the farmhouse and the trash can on the ground with trash everywhere. I also though it was raccoons.

One day, at midnight I heard the noises again and I busted out my rifle and flashlight, I went around the farmhouse and found nothing, I then looked into the forest and saw some shadow running into it. I ran after it also, thinking that I would finally catch the trouble maker. When I got into the forests I found nothing. I only heard the rustling of leaves and the sounds of animals. I then heard a strange roar from nearby.

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The Mysterious Beast

When I was at least 12 years old, I used to live with my auntie,uncle and my cousin out in the country in a farm. My parents abandoned me when I was very little, so my uncle and untie took me in.

The farm was very small and we were very poor. One day, me and my cousin were playing hide and seek, it was my turn to seek and my cousin turn to hide, obviously. My cousin ran out far into the forest while I was counting, and once I was done I ran to where I thought I heard his footsteps were.

This was in the afternoon when we were doing this. I searched for about 2 hours as far as I can remember. It was no evening and I began to worry.

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I am a firefighter in Sheffield England I wont tell you which station.

I was on the night shift when we got a call to a house fire and people trapped inside we responded code 3 lights and series in the night air.

when we arrived there (I wont tell you the street name) we started work on the fire I was going inside to find the people inside with my friend about 10 minutes in to this search I heard someone behind me thinning it was a parson I turned around to help them.

when I turned around my radio started to play up and I couldn’t talk to anyone because that was my only way of help if needed I was trapped inside I saw something move fast thought the smoke and what I saw.

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An anonymous call.

An anonymous call

In the early 2000s I was straight out of college with a degree as a firefighter in New York.      I was middle class and needed a decent job to pay my rent, so I chose my college major to work at a fire station. I also had a job as a janitor at a small groceries store so I was making a lot of money compared to what my parents got and was really confident.

Several months in to the job we received a call, I was friends with Stan the operator and could hear the conversation… ” There is a fire.” The voice on the phone sounded oddly neutral compared to most callers. ” Where are you located?” Stan asked. ” 160 Oaten  lane, please help.” The voice sounded slightly more dramatic but was still strange as most callers were screaming or breathing heavily. The line went silent as soon as it was called. Stan put down the phone and tracked the location in a database on his computer, he told the directions and ordered me to drive there immediately because the line stopping instantly is not a good sign. I threw on my vest and thick red fire proof hat. In a rush I slid down the fire pole and bolted into a firetruck with my colleagues.

We sped out of the station and onto the main road, the address was to an abandoned building in queens. I expected that someone had got trapped inside and set off an old wire or knocked over flammable liquids from an old gas tank. After 4 minutes of driving we arrived at the address. Weirdly the building was very quiet and the air smelled clean. Our sirens were blaring quite furiously but I could hear shouting from inside.

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Some sort of Dinosaur

This story takes place in 2016, in Seattle, Washington. It was the middle of July, a few weeks before School began.

My Sister, niece, and Mother drove all the way from California to Washington State. a 13 hour drive that I slept hours through. We were going to visit my Oldest brother David, my nephew Lincoln, and Sister-in-law Elisa. When we arrived, I was tired, and wanted to sleep in bed, and after making a fort of pillows and blankets, I fell asleep.

The next day, we planned to go out on Lake Washington on a boat, and drive around. Lake Washington was a big lake, and since the 1950’s has gone a transformation to be a very clean and clear lake.

An important note, is that the fish in the lake are Trouts, Bass, Crappie, and Yellow Perch. Small fish for a big lake I guess. We were driving to the lake early in the morning, and I had brought two fishing rods, and some tackle for me and my older brother. It had to be around [6:30] AM when we got there, and it was oddly quiet on one end of the lake where it meets May Creek.

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The Monster I Had Saw In The Water

I had been driving down the road with my parent’s car who let me use it to get to high school.

Now, I’ve been using this road for years and there’s a place called Loch Ness, which is in Scotland that I, myself, currently am in Scotland. Every time I drive down the road, I get weird feelings. And, I’m not the only one who gets weird vibes, its people who also drive/walk down this road. When I was driving back from high school, I had driven to the side of the road, getting out, and locking my car, going to Loch Ness. When I got down there, my strange vibes had gotten…worse. I decided to pull out my phone, going to camera, and looked around in the water.

As I looked into the water, there were bubbles coming from underwater. I had held up my phone, zooming in with the camera, and waited. Soon, a head had come out of the water. The head looked like a certain dinosaurs head that I can’t get the name of. I quickly took a picture of it and looked at the picture and it was creepy as I looked at it. The animal had turned its head, facing me. I felt the presence of it watching me and looked up as it swam towards me. I started to panic, turning around, and quickly dashing out.

The thing that freaked me out the most was the fact that, that was the thing giving me weird vibes because as it had come out of the water, my hands had started shaking and my weird vibes had gone up to a hundred. The fact that I saw that, I didn’t know if I should tell someone or not. As I walked to the car, I made a decision not to and to keep it to myself.

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My obsescost me my life

I am a lonely and weird individual, who doesn’t have many friends. I was 19 at the time of this story and am still a raging lesbian.

I was on the Internet, doing whatever one day, when I got an ad for tinder. Being the stupidly depressed girl that I was, I thought to myself “Oh well, what could go wrong?” And clicked on the ad. I was bullied for being a bit of a weird anime-art freak. I saw a girl called Angelica, who looked pretty and shared some of my interests. I clicked on the little heart symbol and started messaging eachother. I knew that if I was immediately like “Oh hey we have things in common, let’s go out!” She would get creeped out, but, to my pleasant surprise, she asked where I lived and if we could go out. I said yes and we arranged a time and place.

The next day, we went to a little café down town. We hit it off and started blabbing about whatever. I was having a great time. I found out that she had a good interest in serial killers. It wasn’t just a normal interest though, she would talk about how amazing and cool they were. I was fine with this though, as I myself had some strange quirks. After dinner we both went to my place for coffee, chatting, anime.

This went on for another five weeks, out relationship slowly moving forward, until one night Angelica invited me to a party with a few of her friends. I was slightly uncomfortable with being around people I didn’t know, so I brought a friend with me.

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It was at the summer of 2015. My relatives came from up north down here in San Diego, California during a Friday morning. I always loved when they come down here as we do everything we can before they leave on a Sunday night. My cousins and I always did stupid things when we hang out together.

Living in San Diego, one of the most cheapest luxuries we have is the coast, so it was reasonable for us to take our visiting relatives to the beach, like we always do. We head down to Coronado beach, set up camp, and my cousins and I couldn’t wait to get into the water. Due to privy settings, I’ll name my cousins Shawn, Jay, and my uncle, Josh.

We head running for the water, splashing around, doing whatever people do at the beach. My cousins Shawn and Jay, along with my uncle, Josh, were heading farther and farther out into the ocean. I wanted to join them and so I swam through the waves with ease… with too much ease.. We were all floating around, all calm… until the lifeguards started to announce on a speaker, “Get out of the water! You three out there, please get back to shore!”.

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