Paranoid Hunt

By Ryan

It was a cold summer night around eleven thirty, the thunder was rattling outside and ft or some reason I couldn’t sleep, my little brother was sleeping in the bunk above me on our bunk bed, the cheapness of the bed meant I could reel him tossing and turning in his sleep, the creak of the bed wasn’t new to me, we had been sleeping in the same room for a few years now and I was used to the odd creak. Read more “Paranoid Hunt”


WARNING: Explicit Content

By Caspar Luci

Things turned sour between my wife and I before we were married. Before our marriage was even recognized by our state, in fact. There was too much mistrust; too many incidents from our respective pasts had bubbled up to demand our attention. But we soldiered on. The gesture of our marriage, we agreed, was more important than the fraying of our bond. Read more “Cracks”

My Best Friend And I Made A Video Game. We Fucked Up.

By John Contad

Sometimes, life goes wrong so hard that years later, you can see the tendrils of where it all went wrong. It’s there, clear as lake ice, the point where it all started. For me, it was the time when Aiko, my best friend, busted into my dorm room with a pile of sketchbooks in hand and the usual crazed look in his face. Read more “My Best Friend And I Made A Video Game. We Fucked Up.”

Meeting with a Princess

By Count Damon-Aston

I used to think that Vampires were just blood sucking demons, in stories and fairy tales, but they are far, far more.
My story begins with my family, we were an influential family, in both a socialite, and underworld sense. We thought we were untouchable, we were, after all, at the pinnacle of power, respected, and feared. However, we met far more than our match in one “business venture”. Our very last. Read more “Meeting with a Princess”

The Ice Cream Man


By K.G.

This story is a recount of a traumatic childhood experience. I am now 24 years old, living with two roommates in the south. I experience frequent night terrors and occasional hallucinations. I believe I have controlled my ‘madness’, at least enough to function in society properly. I have told no one in my personal life this story. Read more “The Ice Cream Man”

It Haunts my Dreams

by Dylan’s Fear Files

I never have slept well. It all started when I was six years old and I began having sleep paralysis and night terrors, at least that’s what all of the doctors have told me. The first night that I remember it happening was a Sunday night, and we just got home from the church where my dad was pastoring at the time; I was extremely tired because we’d been out late the night before at a family gathering, so I went to bed when I was told. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep, but I woke up around midnight and saw it in the moonlight that was shining through my bedroom window. Read more “It Haunts my Dreams”

The Monorail Slasher


By Jarvis B.

I stopped at the top of the stairs to catch my breath. My N.R.O.T.C. uniform was completely drenched with sweat (you look like a mess Gary, I thought to myself). I practically ran the last mile from school to catch the monorail. I quickly pulled my Metro Card out and swiped it in the kiosk slot. The machine dispensed my ticket and I ran through the monorail doors as they slid closed. Once in, I scanned the car and spotted two empty seats in the front. The monorail was pretty full tonight. I through my backpack in the seat closest to the window and then dropped myself in the seat next to the isle. One of the draw backs of still living at home was that I had to commute back and fourth to M.U. where I was a freshman in college. My evening class ran long by 20 minutes. Which made me late for the earlier monorail home. I just sat back and closed my eyes for what seemed like a second. Read more “The Monorail Slasher”

Beware The Rake


by Jarvis B.

My name is Melissa, this happened to me in March of 2011. I was in my last semester of law school. I had signed up for a class that required us to work under the supervision of either a private practice Attorney or the Legal Department of a government agency. I had applied for, and had gotten accepted to, the District Attorney’s office. I totally lucked out, and was assigned to an up and coming young female Deputy D.A. named Claire. Read more “Beware The Rake”