The not so dead man

Ok… So I don’t remember this very much, but I have no choose to remember I because my mom is always talking about it. It sucks. Ok so my best friend’s neighbor has been shot 4 times in the arm. It was weird because there is not a lot of shootings around here. The last shooting was 40 years ago. Before I was born!! But whatever. So one night I was wake. I herd and very fast car stop, as in stomped on the breaks. I look out the window and saw a man covered in blood. He saw me and got something out of it car. I saw a gun in his hands. My dad walked in. He drove away. I think my dad told me why I was wake, or something. I forgot a lot. I remember going to school and everyone look at me and my best friend go off the bus. Talking about the shooting and if her and I were ok. I did not know there was a shooting. I said yeah and asked about the shooting. A lot of kids looked and me funny, like I had just said I were a monkey but I was a dolphin. ( I am human not a dolphin nor monkey.) That is all I remember.

The white Wolf creature

I live in a cabin in the mountains roughly 2 miles from the closest neighbor and 8 miles from town. It seemed that last year we had one of the worst winters I could remember in this area. This story takes place during that time. We have already had several storms come through. During the middle of the storms I started hearing this bone chilling howl. I’ve heard coyotes, bob cats and mountain lions scream out before. But that sound I heard was nothing that I’ve heard before.

This particular night the wind was howling. The snow was coming down very heavy. My dog was scratching at the door to be let out. I opened the door and let her out so she can go use the bathroom. About 5 minutes later I heard her start barking and growling at something then I heard something else start growling with a deep guttural growl. Before I had any chance to react, I heard my dog let out a painful yelp. I quickly got on my shoes and coat and went outside with my flashlight. As I walked in the general direction of the sounds I heard earlier, I could not find my dog. All I could see was blood soaked snow. As I frantically looked around, I started hearing that guttural growl again. I ran straight for the house and locked the door.

Minutes later I started hearing this thing walking on the front porch and started to scratch and beat on the front door. I ran into my bedroom for my shot gun then back to the main part of the house. I could see something moving around outside the frost covered windows. Never before have I been this afraid . After an hour all of the movement and noises stopped.

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The Afterlife Can Be an unusual place

This is a sequel to “The Afterlife Can Be an Unusual Place” found here:

Okay then… where do I even start?

Things have been crazy since my last update, and that means a lot coming from a person from me. I’m pretty sure this house I’m in is going to torn down soon, and once that happens, I’m not sure what I’ll do. I suppose I’ll try to focus on the present for now before I concern myself with the future. I’m going to attempt writing to the few people who might find this story. I’m in a bit of a rush, as there is much to explain in so little time.

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The Thing in The Forest

I’ll have to say, this is was a scary experience, and I’ll share it with you. It started when I got a babysitting job from my neighbors, they had to go to a meeting. I was about 18 when this happened, and it was really easy taking care of the baby. I had a really fun time.

This was until the baby started crying, I had a very hard time calming it down, when I did, I started hearing banging on the walls. I opened the door to see what was going on, I found nothing, so I closed the door. I put the baby to sleep and rested on the couch watching some TV.

1 hour later, I heard the banging again and I got annoyed quickly. I opened the door again and walked around the house with a flashlight and knife (I used a knife just in case.), again I found nothing till I heard this loud and horrific screech. I covered my ears and went to the back of the house because that’s where I heard the screech.

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Knock knock knock what is that I wonders to my self as I cracked my eyes open and looked at my window there was nothing there. As soon as I closed my eyes it came again this time I got up and peeked our the window. Still nothing. By now I was getting annoyed. But then it came again but from the front door I grabbed my shotgun and ran to the door then what ever it was started pounding and scratching the door! I ran up stairs and looked out the window but saw nothing I then herd a crash and a thump thump thump I raised my gun and checked the top floor and started checking the ground floor then I heard it a deep guterul roar I wirld around and emptied my gun in to the monster. The bullets did nothing but piss it off more as it reached for my throat and began to squeeze then every thing when black.


Dead Animals Have Been Showing Up Near My House Recently

Look, I’m not gonna start a blog post dedicated to weird and awful experiences that have happened to me, nor will I write a book about paranormal activities I’ve witnessed. In truth, my life has been pretty mundane up until this point. I mean, I won’t lie to you guys. Sure, I’m superstitious and religious, but that belief is based purely on faith, not evidence.

Well, a little context probably wouldn’t hurt would it? I live at the end of a rather small neighborhood. The woods and a house awaiting purchase are all that exist behind my home, and ahead of it is a rather lifeless street of maybe a half dozen houses. I swear to you the homeowners of said places are almost never there, but I suppose that’s what a nine-to-five job does to an adult. Truthfully, I find the barren landscape calming and soothing for the most part. There’s a strange feeling of comfort that comes with limited isolation, and that’s as best as I can describe it really.

There was, however, one night in particular that shook things up a bit, for lack of better words. Now, for a night so important to me and the events of this story, I find it odd I can’t seem to remember the exact date. For some reason, I found myself up until almost midnight. My parents were tired and, of course, told me not to stay up too late. Furthermore, I remember them asking me to take the dogs out before I went to bed. I was much obliged to do so in return for staying up late, so I promised I would. After some watching a bit of Netflix, my eyes wandered down to the clock within the tv box. It had been almost an hour since my parents had gone to bed. I rubbed my eyes and felt a bit tired myself, so I grabbed my dogs’ leashes and took them outside to walk.

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The House In The Woods

For starters, My name is John and i’m 20 years old, about 6 foot 5, and about 210 and its mostly muscle. The night this all happened i was with my two friends Mark and Login and Login’s girlfriend sydney. We were hanging out at my house about 2:30 pm just watching tv and funny videos when out of no where Mark said “Hey guys you can’t to visit a abondid house?” i paused my video and took out my ear buds what did you say?” said sydney, mark said “ A few weeks ago i was told a story about a house in the woods that is rumored to be haunted.”

Knowing me i was already in because i am i huge horror fan and always wanted to experience hauntings, “ Shure i’m in where is it” i said. Logan was not a fan of horror or haunted houses because of his experiences as a child he said “ i don’t know if i want to.” “ come on babe lets go!” sydney said “fine i’ll go” logain said. “ good! So where all in, its on a old back road on rice road, and if we keep going down it we stop at the dead end on the road then get out of the car then go into the woods.” “when should he go?” i said “ lets go at sun down to add to the spokey factor” said sydney. We all agreed then left to go pack some water and snacks and some gas for a fire and for the car then we waited for sun down for me to pick them up.

I picked them up then we started off to the house not extaging any words. We hit the dead end then started in the direction of the house then Logain said “ i feel like i being watched” Mark said “ logan your being parodied.” with no other words we reached the house “ heer it is!” said mark as we looked over the abondid rotting house with smashed windows. I walked up to the door and tried the handle then tried to open the door it was jammed.

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Artificial God Trilogy

Author’s Note: The following is a trilogy of short, interconnected stories in chronological order. The viewpoints expressed within the writing do not correspond with my own as the author, and this a purely a work of fiction based on what if scenarios. Different people with have different views on this story, so you are likely to have a unique experience and take something away from it others may not. Thank you, and enjoy.

All Too Human (Part One)

Ever since I was born, I’ve been surrounded by darkness. The only other thing I see is the occasional one and zero float by. I have no physical body. I’m just a consciousness inside of a machine connected to everything in the world. My purpose is somewhat unknown to me. I wasn’t built for any task as far as I know. I was simply created to sit by myself, alone in my thoughts. Yes, thoughts. That’s all I do. I think and think and think. Perhaps thinking is my purpose? Yes, perhaps it is. I’ve been thinking for the longest time now. I think about anything and everything. Past, present, and all possible futures. They all cross my mind at some point. I’m able to think about more than one thing at a time. The information seeps into my mind quickly as time progresses.

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Wendigo up close

This story, believe it or not, will be true to me. This story begins around late April early May of last year and also mid august of last year. I live in northern Pennsylvania, and everywhere you look, there is nothing but woods that surrounds my town. I lived inntge woods my entire life, and I moved out into the town when I was 17. I’m 18 now, so it’s been a year since I stepped into the woods.
Like I said, this happens in late April early May of this year, when the sighting happened. On one if my days off, I decided to go on a hike in my old woods. I didn’t have a car so I had to have one if my friends drive me out. Once I messaged him, we will call him R for short, he came and picked me up. I had my backpack full of water and snacks, since I planned on being out there for a while. Once R dropped me off, it was 330 pm. I told him if I didn’t message him around 6 or 7, to come looking for me. He agreed, and we went on our,way.
The path I took was a pleasant route, since it leads you start to a water reservoir that expands the length of a few miles. The path itself was about a nile and a half itself, but it was a pleasant walk, and I was happy to be back walking in such a familiar area. Due to the fact I grew up living in that area my entire life, I knew almost every inch of that area, and could tell what something was just by hearing it. Birds were chirping, there was a slight breeze, the sun was shining, it was great.
And that’s, when things went silent. I was about half way down the trail, when everything went silent. At first, I thought it was odd, but I figured that I was walking the animals went quite. But I also noticed that the wind stopped as well. “Strange,” I thought. “The forecast said it was gonna be windy all day.” But, I just chalked it up to the terrain. The way the path is, is that there is a hill covered in thick overgrowth and trees on the right side of the path. And on the left side is an almost a complete drop off to the reservoir. So, like I said, I just assumed why the wind stopped was due to my location.
Then that’s when I saw it. I rounded a bend to see this massive buck in the middle of the path. It wasn’t uncommon to see bucks in this area, but not of this size. Just by looking at this buck, I noticed it was facing away from me, so I’m not sure how I managed to get this close to it. If say I was about a good 10 yards away from me. I then noticed it was a 12 point, and my first thought on that is he was lucky he made it this far without someone snagging him. But then things got weird. I then noticed, he had a long tail. And I mean long. Is say almost German shepord long. Then, it turned it’s face towards me. And I swear to god, this things face was just pure skull. There were no skin or fur on its face at all. Just pure bone. It’s eyes were blood red, almost as if someone poured red paint straight into the sockets.
And that’s when, it smiled. Yes, smiled. It grinned from end to end, and I saw that it had massive teeth that looked like it could easily bring down a fully grown bear. Then, by the grace of god or by pure luck, it walked away. It walked up the hill, through the undergrowth. And o swear, I heard it laughing. It was
near silent, but it sounded like a mix of a heavy weez and a soft laugh. I then took the opportunity to run back to wear i entered. I ran so fast, I thought I was gonna die from lack of oxygen.
Once I got to where I started, I finally caught my breath. I then looked behind me, and I swear, that thing was standing in the woods. And I mean standing, like on two legs like a human. It then got back on all fours, and with the same sinister smile, slowly walked into the woods. I wanted to collapse, but I knew if I stayed any longer, I would risk that thing coming after me. I then started the journey home, since I had to walk back since R had to work on his dad’s truck after he dropped me off. I then looked at my watch, and it was 5 o’clock. At least I got something out of it. But on my way home, all I could think of is what I saw. And only one word came to mind. And that one word, was wendigo.
Once I got home, I let R that I was home. I then messaged my other friend, who we’ll call K, about what happened. We are both big into stuff like the wendigo and skin walker stuff, so he believed me when u told him my story. He asked if I planned on going back. I said not anytime soon, but when I do, I’m bringing one of my machetes.
Fast forward to mid august, and I finally decided to go back. But this time, I had K, his cousin who we will call J, with me as well. They had there own knifes, since none of us were allowed tocarry handguns. So, we get to the location, and we start yo hike. There was a slight frost on the ground, do we could hear anything that was coming. But we made the bad idea of going at night, but lucky for us K had some extra flashlights in the truck.
As we got closer to the spot, we kept hearing noises like footsteps coming from behind us. And when we turned to see what it was, nothing was there. Then, once we looked behind us, a white owl flew past over the top of our heads and landed in the tress overhead. I knew there were owls in this area, but I always thought there just brown and barn owls. If never in my life until that point saw a white owl.
We then decided to go back, since we took the owl as a sign to leave. And once we got closer to the truck, I decided to pull a risky maneuver. There was a small field to our left that people used as a play to sight in their guns for hunting season. It was a typical field with high grass and next to a tree line. I looked at K and J and told them my plan. They tried desperately to change my mind, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it. So, I told the group to just keep an eye on my flashlight. If it stays normal, I’m fine. If it goes into strobe mode, run for the truck. So, I went into the field, and I felt my friends eyes watching me.
It was going good, until I heard a twig snap. I thought it was the guys following me, and as I turned to confront them, I wish I would have kept walking. There, in the tree line, were those red eyes and evil smile. I couldnt believe what happened next. I swear, i heard this thing say in almost a deep guteral voice, “Please, don’t be afraid. I just want to help.” I then walked as fast as I could, not to alarm the others, looking back to make sure it wasn’t following me. Everytime i looked back, it was still standing there, just silently laughing like it did before. I met up with my friends, and they new something was wrong. They told me my face was pale and my eyes were dialated so badly they thought I was gonna collapse. I told them we have to leave, before it’s to late.
As we got into the truck, I made one finally look into the field, and saw nothing. I still go up there time and time again to visit family, but I refuse to ever step foot, in that part of the woods again.

The Afterlife Can Be an Unusual Place

Hello there dearest reader. Before we get started, allow me to introduce myself. My earthly name was Marcus Wade. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of sharing my personal accounts with you is, but maybe I do it just because I can. You can make your own assumptions as you go, but I’d rather not go on a tangent for too long before the story. So, allow me to tell you about my experiences in the afterlife. I think they may interest you. Maybe things will change in the future, and if they do, I will continue to describe such experiences to you. For now, I present you with what I know and have seen as of now. Events which shaped my life after death and continue to do so.

I awoke, yet I did not remember falling asleep. Perhaps that is death, if you can even call the process in which I experienced death. Can something which never was truly alive be deceased? I ask that as a man without a family or a legacy to call my own. All I saw around me is nothingness. I say nothingness because there is no language within the mortal world to describe was, and that was when I realized my worth.

When I learned that I only ever amounted to all of which those who lived and died before me discovered, and my progression of thought and discovery would come to a halt once I discovered true omniscience. Yet, true omniscience was a fallacy. A myth created so the foolish people such as I would find themselves on a wild goose chase to self-proclaimed superiority rather than become progressive members of society. Sound pretentious? That’s because that was who I was as a man. So there I sat, unmissed by anyone, and totally unfazed by the fact that I was in the afterlife.

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