Canine creature in a barn

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This story happened around three years ago, and takes place in Texas. I don’t remember exactly where, but I was with my family probably on vacation. Anyways, I’ll be changing the names of my family so no one bothers them about it. (They don’t even know about it to begin with.)

My family members consisted of my brother Chris, and my cousin Harry. Mom is always Mom. We were just getting into a two bedroom hotel room. Chris and Harry immediately began arguing about who got to sleep on the fold out bed hidden in the couch. (Yes, two high quality hotel beds and they choose to sleep on the dinky fold out. Us men are truly idiots.) I looked at my mom and told her I was gonna go out and check out the nearby woods. She asked me if my phone had any battery left. I looked at it and saw it had more than 50%. I nodded and she said it was okay, and to be careful. I hugged her and told her I’d be back in a bit.

I walked into the woods at sunset. I took a picture because I thought it was looked nice and I was practicing photography. I continued walking and heard a howl. I knew canines like coyotes and wolves were common in Texas, but I didn’t expect them to be so close to human civilization. I found a pretty sturdy stick that I could probably use to fend them off. I continued walking until I saw the outline of a structure not too far off. I looked a bit dusty and old, looking back at it. It was the perfect trap to lure dumb 16 year olds like me into a trap. I approached the structure which I then discovered was a barn, and noticed the door was wide open. Suddenly my ears were assaulted by another howl. Only much louder now. I readied my stick and turned around, expecting to scare away some feral canines, but no. Nothing behind me. The only other place it could have come from was the barn. I should have walked away from that barn right then and there. Yet, I stepped into the barn and turned on my phone’s flashlight. It was unnaturally warm in the barn despite being in the middle of winter. I moved the light around and moved further in and continued looking with the light until I see a pair of eyes reflecting the light back at me. Sadly. I saw more that it’s eyes.

It was around eight and a half feet tall. Had dark crimson fur, furred feet and hands that seemed to combine the best aspects of human hands and feet and wolf paws, a bushy tail, an extended snout with rows of teeth in jaws that seemed like they could rip chunks out of a tank, and a muscular body that says ‘I could break you in half with one hand’, and it’s head was that of some sort of canine. I couldn’t tell what specific species it was, but I could tell by looking at it that it was at least a canine with pointed ears. And it’s eyes. Dear god it’s eyes. It’s eyes were burning red. Burning right into mine. It was hunched over standing over what remained of it’s most recent meal. It was like it expected me to come it. I don’t know why I didn’t immediately run back out of the barn and back to the safety of the hotel room, but I stood there staring at it. Shivering, shuddering, fidgeting, trying to get my body moving.

Then it spoke.

“You look cold,” It said in a deep gravely voice.
“Come here. I’ll keep you warm”. It spoke again. It gave me a smile that, upon looking back on it, was meant to be innocent. That however was my signal to leg it back to the hotel. As I was running I made the mistake of looking back as I was running from the monster. The image of a wolf like beast smiling with its jaws open, ready to tear a chunk out of your flesh will be burned into my head forever.

With all the adrenaline my body could produce, and whatever devine being showing me mercy, I made it back to the hotel and ran through the door, right into the nearest bathroom, and locked the door. I sat there until I got a text from my mom asking me if I was alright. I responded telling her that I was and that I just got back and am currently in the bathroom outside of the room.

I went back into the hotel room with the rest of my family and just lied in the bed. I was far too scared to go to sleep after almost being eaten alive, or somehow worse. So I tried to try to calm myself down with some music, but my earbuds weren’t in the pockets of my hoodien or jeans I was wearing. Nor in my bag, or in the pockets of my pajamas. I realized they must have fallen out while I was running. As far as I’m concerned, that monster can keep them. I’d be too far away from him for him to follow me by noon.

I don’t know what that monstrous canine was, why it was in a barn, or how it seemed to radiate enough heat to warm an entire barn, but I hope I never see it again for the rest of my life.

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