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This is a real encounter. I am not making any of this up at all. I’m a junior in high school and I was in our school’s ROTC. During the summer last year, we were doing combat night ops during our land navigation training. Me and my fire team were in the middle of the woods, each one of us with a chem light hooked to our web gear. As we were moving through the woods, we came across a small trail and moved into a column formation, out of the 5 of us i was watching our backs.

As we were marching quietly, i chose to do a 180 degree turn to check behind us. As I turned I thought I saw movement in the brush. I passed the order to halt and we all went into a crouched firing position. As we were mostly juniors, we were using airsoft guns with LED tracer devices on the barrels. Our fire team leader told the team marksmen to utilize his ghillie suit and move onto the hill behind us. We sat there for about twenty minutes for the marksmen to report back, but he didn’t. We naturally thought that he got hit and was “Dead”. All of a sudden we heard our CO calling us back in with the bull horn he loved to use. We headed back thinking if the marksmen heard it then he would make his way back.

We got back to our camp and were right about our squad mate, except when we saw him, he looked horrible. His face was a pale white, like he saw a ghost. Our CO, we’ll call him Cap, was Native American and was always a bit edgy when we did training’s in the woods. We asked the marksman, we’ll call him John, what happened. But when we asked, he looked at us with the blank and unnatural expression I’ve ever seen, he told us that there was something here with us, and that we needed to leave. Of course me and the rest of our platoon didn’t believe him, we thought he was messing with us but I still decided to be a little cautious. Cap told us we should eat then rest up, as I got to my tent that I shared with another guy, I decided to pull out a sugar cookie that I got from the MRE i had eaten two hours before for dinner. About an hour passes and i’m lying in my sleeping bag, my battle buddy is out cold. All of a sudden i hear a low whistle followed by a tearing sound, like when you rip a shirt in half but amplified. One of our guys screams and that wakes everyone up. I ran out of my tent, still in my skivvies and stopped dead in my tracks. something was standing over one of our guy’s tents with a huge chunk of the tents material impaled on one of it’s claws.

Our CO ran out with a M9 Beretta that he brings for protection against wild animals. He saw this thing and fired at it, it turned and glared at me and after about a second, it shrieked as a round hit it. It turned and ran right into the woods around us. After this we were scared as hell. We packed our gear as fast as we could and got the hell out of there.

No one was hurt, but we were all scarred for life after seeing this thing, I know I am. It was tall, with ragged brown fur and its head was a deer skull with huge antlers. I have heard of the Wendigo and I swear, that is exactly what we saw. After this occurrence, I quit the ROTC. I haven’t spoke to the people there, except for one guy who I hang out with all the time. We never speak of what happened. I have never told anyone except now. I can still see the creature in my dreams occasionally. Last night I had a dream of the creature, I was sitting in a clearing tied to a chair, and it walked out of the woods. It came up to me and stared into my eyes. It felt as if it was staring into my soul, I can still remember it’s eyes. They were a very bright yellow. As it stared at me, it sort of grinned, its teeth were yellowed, and I was so close, I could see blood on and around its mouth. The dream ended after the creature let off a horrid scream that I can still hear to this day. It rings in my ears every time I think of that day.

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