Bones From A Fire

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I live in a town in Scotland. It’s mostly urban but we do have a good amount of rural areas. This story happened when I was in primary school and I was 9 years old. I lived in a house very close to the rural areas of the town. The rural areas had loads of abadoned places as part of them and my friends and I would go to hang out at them.

It was summer break. Me and two of my friends (One which I will call T in this story and the other E to keep their names private) decided we would go and explore the old abadoned graveyard that loads of people would hang out at.

After getting food and drink from a shop we went down the long narrow road that led to the old grave. We past the farms and joked about the smell of cow manure coming from E and were making other dumb 9 year old jokes until we reached the graveyard.

Once we reached it we all stopped the constant joking due to us being scared but not wanting to admit it. The graves were covered in moss with names coverd and unreadable. Bottles and cans of empty drink lay all over the graveyard and the trees made it darker inside the graveyard. We climbed up onto the old broken down small building and sat there eating out food and drank our energy drinks.

After a few minutes of laughing together T stopped and began to stare outside of the graveyard towards the open area near the river. I then looked towards where he was looking and saw a group of people at a Fire. We could slowly start to hear them shouting things scaring us and then a car came up to the graveyard and parked outside it with no one getting out of it.

Us 3 decided we would take another way back and ran up the hills that would take us eventually back to houses once we ran far enough.
While we were running we could hear the groups shouting stuff still and then a scream from someone. I didn’t look back but T did and was seen and one shouted at him to come down to them.
We just kept running after this.

After about 30 minutes later we were near the houses and a store but were still on farm land. I tripped over as I was running which I’m kind of glad I did as T then put his hand onto a electric fence and E had to pull him off it. It left T with a scar and the fence surrounded us from getting back to the streets of our town.

This meant we had to go back the way and we did.
When we got to where the groups was it was left and the campfire was put out. E ran over to it and came back to us with bones . There was what I can only describe as a deformed bull skull due to the horns on it. E took the skull and bones with him and we eventually got back to our houses and played outside at the park.

Some boys came over to us and asked E where he got those bones and he told them from a Fire near the river.
The boys said that those bones were cursed and that we had to get rid of them.
E put them in the bin in the park and we went all went home scared of being cursed.
The next day the bones were all gone yet everything else was still in the bin.
This left us 3 to wonder why would someone bin raid for those bones and if it was just a binman why only take the bones?

We promised each other we would never go back down there and as far as I know us 3 haven’t.

I moved to a more urban part of town and moved school which meant I stopped talking to E.
In our last year of Primary E pulled a knife on T but fortunately someone spotted him.

Ts parents got a divorce and he started doing drugs in his 3rd year of high school.
He then got sent to a behaviour school and we have only spoke about 3 times since.

During my 2nd year of high school my house burned down and now with me writing this I’m starting to wonder if the so called had anything to do with any of the bar stuff that happened to us or the stuff that led to our friendships ending although it’s unlikely it still makes me wonder what those strangers were doing during that summer break.

It’s about 7 years later now and I haven’t returned to that graveyard although other friends have including Ts cousin but the most unusual thing that happened was wind chimes hanging from a tree randomly moving rapidly even though it wasn’t windy and then those there left.

I have visited other abadoned places and had strange expierences but the one with finding the bones is what scared me the most.

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