Bj’s Parking lot horror

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Each month i got to Bj’s even though it’s expensive but i like there products especially the water. Here is my story. I was driving home from work and decided to pass by Bj’s to get a few things. When i got there a parked between a red truck and a blue toyota. I got a cart and walked inside and headed to the water area. When I got there I got 3 cases of water, after i put the third case in the cart i noticed a man staring at me from the bakery. I didn’t think nothing of it and walked towards the ice cream aisle. When i grabbed some vanilla ice cream when i noticed the same man and when he noticed me watching him he grabbed something and left the aisle. I went to the pasta aisle and the same man came not even 3 seconds after me. I got scared Why was i being followed? Did I do something wrong? I got so scared that i hurried to the cash registers, paid for the items and raced to my car.
I got to my car and threw everything in not caring if they got “messed up”. I pushed the car away and when i turned around the man was there. He grabbed me and said “I want to end you right now I hate you Austin!” I wondered how the hell did he know my name? He punched me and pushed me to the ground. He pulled out a knife and tried to kill me. Luckily a Bj’s Worker saw what was happening and he ran over and pushed the man. I ran into my car and floor it out of there. I was 10 minutes away from home when i saw the red truck after me. I got so scared that i made a plan I would drive to the police station that was on Broward. I drove there with the car after me. I turned on my right turn signal and he noticed what was happening he went the other direction and made a U-Turn. I drove home and never mentioned this story till now. Be careful out there people and make sure your watching your back and every move.

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