Birthday Ballin Ghost

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So, I was about 10, 11 at this time. Last fall, in my last house, It was my brothers 13th birthday. Also he was born on Friday the 13th, and his birthday was also on Friday the 13th this year. He had invited a friend over, and it all went well. That day, my mom had put up many balloons, and I mean MANY!

After his friend left, and we all went to sleep, I was in my bedroom laying down. My bedroom was right next to the huge dinning room, and theres also a wall, about 3 inches away from the right side of the doorway.

Anyway, I was laying down, and I see one of the white balloons go past my doorway, and never bound back. It didn’t even make sense, because the balloon was about a foot wide, and that wall was about 3 inches. How did it go past?

The next morning, I asked my mom if she left the door open, because we stored all the balloons in an empty room. She said no, and I went to check too, and she was right!

It’s been a year and a half since anything has really happened, and we moved since then. I really like the taught of paranormal things, but nothing ever happens. And I sure hope Friday the 13th had anything to do with this.

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