Bigfoot sighting in Maine

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This story isn’t mine, its my dad’s.

Every other summer, him and a few of his friends go over to Maine to do some bass fishing. The encounter happened at around 2-3 in the morning.  My dad got out of his tent cause he had to take a piss. As he was draining himself, he heard a snap about 25 feet away. He looked up and saw nothing.

To make sure it wasn’t a predator, he shown his flashlight over in its direction. The woods were really thick so he really didn’t see much. Except for a pair of eyes.

He really couldn’t tell how high up off the ground they were.

So, being the person he is, walked towards it. As he did so, what ever the thing was ran away. And my dad got a better look at it. He says that its was around 8 feet and smelt pretty bad. He told his friends the next day but they decided to stay the rest if the week due to the fact my dad didn’t feel the the Bigfoot wanted to hurt them but was more curious.

He came home and told me and now, a few years later, in telling you. I really hope that one day I could see what he saw so I can fully believe that this world, is actually a strange one.

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