Bigfoot camping storie

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My storie takes place in Canada.

It was the summer of 2015 and I was in 12 grade.

me and two other friends went on the camping trip in Alberta Canada the drive up was normal. We got to the campsite. And oh yeah one of my friends who

we will call Jeff  brought his girlfriend who we will call Jane . So when we pulled up to our camp spot we unloaded our gear then had lunch then we went for a hike around 3 o’clock  we came back around 5:15. For about 4 hours we sat around the campfire telling stupid stories and stuff.

But this is when shit gets to real. We started to get the felling we were being watched were being watched wich is weird because the was know one around us for about a kilometre. So we thought it just might be a fellow camper so I yelled out hey. No  response so we just ignored it. Later that nite I woke up to the sound of snapping twigs. I looked out of the tent curiously. What I saw was a creature

about 20 meters away from the tent it was about eight feet tall with nut brown hair. And that’s all I could see in the moon light so I woke up my friend. And he went pale he slowly closed the tent zipper and looked at me and said it’s right outside. I told that impossible because it was just 20 meter away.

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