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So this story started when my cousin I’ll call him Mick called my sister to ask her if she would give him a ride to a camp sight in Nogel. He ask her if she wanted to go and she said yes but she ask him if i could go to and he said that i could go to. Now i was happy because i never went camping in my life. His son’s were coming to they’ll be Nick and Berry. My sister has a truck with a big bed so me,Nick,and Berry sat in the back on the way over there. When we got there we started putting up the tents. The thing is we got the at 5:32 and it gets dark here at about 6:00 so by the time we got them up and got wood for the fire its was dark. After a bit of talking me and Nick decided to sit in the bed of the truck and talk there Berry joined us little after. After a little of talking Mick and my sister shay went to go get wood for the fire. We offered to help but they said no that we were having to much fun and they didn’t want to ruin it.

We were talking when were herd branches being moved in the woods we thought it was my sister and Mick moving but then we noticed that the flashlight they had was on the opposite side of us and us being dumb teens said “lets go see what it is” i wish i never said that. We got are flashlights and went towards it and in to the woods we were looking around for a while when then i saw that my that everyone was gone I was going to yell for them but before I could I herd Nick scream. I mean he screamed at the top of his lungs I ran towards him and when I got there I was horrified.

There was something clamped on his shoulder it was some creature pale wight with no eyes but some sort of mouth with a triangular shaped mouth tall and i mean tall it was maybe eight feet tall because Nick was six foot and it towered him it had blade like bones for hands that were rapped around him I shined my light at it and it let go like it had eyes that the light blinded but i know it didn’t and Nick ran towards me and the creature made a blood curdling scream. It sounded like a women with a mix of lion roar then a gun shot we saw blood coming from it chest with a bullet hole then i turn and we saw Mick with a rifle. was relieved but then that turned back into fright as i looked and saw that the bullet shot was gone and it was looking at Nick. it ran at light speed towards him and i mean so fast that he was 20 yards away and it was face to face with him i a split second and without a thought he shot again and it backed off and made that scream again and ran off i didn’t know how scared i was until i noticed that i was shacking and couldn’t move and sitting on the floor. I got up and we all ran towards the truck and left everything there and drove as fast as we could out of the camp sight. after we got out i noticed that berry wasn’t there i ask were is he and they both looked at me with a depressed looked and tolled me they found it body literally had the blood sucked out of him and that is what it was doing to Nick! We took him to the hospital because he had lots of blood gone when they ask what happened they lied to them and i don’t blame them no one would believe them then they called the cops and tolled them were was and the next day we were told about berry and all of that. all i tell you is to not go out to nogel new mexico at night. I’m shaking will typing this and sad for my cousin just feel your blood get drained out of you but that it my story.

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