BCT Civil War ghost

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Let me preface this story by saying

I’m not in the military, but I did join

and almost made it through BCT,

but got a general discharge for

Medical Failure to Adapt.

It was about 0500 hours on a warm

September morning back in 2015. I

was at Fort Jackson in South

Carolina, just to clarify where I was

going through BCT. We had been

marching for about an hour, as we

were headed to the rifle range for

rifle qualification.

At several points during our March,

we had to get into the ditches on

either side of the road and go

prone, with our rifles aiming away

from the road.

During one of these stops, I noticed

a white figure about 20-30 meters to

my right. I thought it was just my

lack of sleep, but then I heard my

battle buddy, we’ll call her Jane,

take a sharp breath.

‘Green.’ She whispered. ‘You see

that?’ “Yeah. What the hell is it?” I

whispered back. Before we could

find out, my drill sergeant told us to

get up because we were moving

again. When we looked back to the

woods, it was gone.

About 15 minutes later, we stopped

again, laying in the ditch, facing the

woods. I felt the hairs on the back

of my neck stand up, looking to my

left. Laying right next to me,

roughly 2 feet from my left arm,

was a young man, probably about

16-17. He was wearing a uniform

unlike everyone elses, and carried a

musket. Since I’m a history buff, I

knew he was a Confederate soldier.

I held my breath, staring at the

spirit. Then he looked at me,

smiling softly. And then he spoke,

except his mouth didn’t move, but I

clearly remember him saying,

‘Gotta watch for them Yanks.’

I didn’t respond, just staring

blankly at him. Then he looked out

to the woods and disappeared. I

then got tapped on the soldier Jane,

who said we were starting to move.

“Yeah. Ok.” I managed to stammer.

Later in the day, I ended up telling

Jane about what I saw. She

confirmed that we saw the same

thing earlier, but when she got my

attention earlier, I was just staring

off into space. And even though I

knew I was sleep deprived, I know

what I saw was real.

I was shaken up about this

interaction, and even though I’ve

had multiple interactions with the

paranormal, none of them spoke to

me before. I will never forget this

interaction as long as I live.

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