Backyard creeps

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I remember this. Clear as day. No doubt about it, this wasn’t a dream.

It was my birthday I had friends over. For saftey reasons i will not use their names.I had a huge backyard with a in-ground pool a  bar beside it a trampiline and a play house.

I also had woods behind them.

This will come into play later. We were sitting in my living room on the couch. The couch was infront of the window so we could not see out unless we physicaly got up and opened the curtains. Thats when we heard a loud bang on the window we all jumped off the couch and starred at the curtains.

We were home alone btw. So I living there knew the neighbors.

I thought it was the boys playing with us when we heard it again. I ran to the window and threw open the curtains to find no one just. Thats when i thought it was the tree. We laughed thinking we were so stupid.

About an hour later we got our bathing suits on and were almost ready to go outside we were getting towels and flip flops when we all stopped.

We heard a loud splash into the pool. We were frozen as we could hear something swimming then running out and away.

We sat there waiting for a laugh from the neighbors. I slowly walked towards the sliding glass door.  When i got to it and my freinds only 3 feet behind me I gained up unough courage i was about to open the curtains.

When we heard the bottels in the bars move we ran to the livng room and looked out the side window and saw the two neighbors boys just ariving home.

My blood went cold.

I got pail so did my friends. We then heard walking up the and across the playhouse and a rattle as if some one walked by the trampiline.

Who ever it was they were looking through my yard. We ran behind a wall as we heard who or what ever it was walk on to the porch. It didnt sound natural like as if they had to many feet. We could then see the shadow of something bony and tall trying to look into the window.

I got mad really mad.

I ran and thru open the curtains when i saw this.. this thing standing tall about 8 feet yellow eyes naked so bony no weight on it.

It smiled. When i saw it teeth i could feel a tear run down it face. dried blood pointy long yellow where there wasn’t crouched down to my size.

Then opening it mouth wide. there was fur bits inside probolly from it last meal.

I thought i was next. When this blood crueteling scream. I was in shock still as stiff as a board. I could just bareling hear my friends crying. It smiled and hit the glass with out blinking. It kept hitting it till a gun shot ran out. It got down on all four looked where it came from.

Another rang out.

I ran away back into the woods still on all four. I was so terrified of what i just witnessed i fell over still in shock. And i had a seizure. I’m okay but one of my friends wern’t she has to go to counciling as where they were they could see everything.

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Who shot at it?