Backpacking trip and possible skin walker

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A coupe years back I went on a camping trip in a summer camp excursion this excursion happened to be a backpacking trip around the mt.hood area, the timberline area to be specific. The first night wasn’t so bad but in the middle of the night I heard some noises and wrote it off to be coyotes or some deer.

It’s what came after is what made little since to me and the others I was camping with, and no I didn’t bother to tell the counselors because who would belive a kid on such a thing.

I was told by one of the people that I bunked with that I walked off in the middle ofthe night and laid down near the creek. I had to explain to him that I’m not much of a sleep walker and I never was. Didn’t help the fact that later on was the worst to come. The second day wasn’t as bad but was pretty chaotic.

One of the other campers sprained or broke something around his wrist and we had no first aid or communicating with the outside world, so we had to improvise and make a makeshift cast to support his arm.

So with that time wasted we had to set camp by the river where the camper hurt himself.

Later that night I was in and out of sleep after the camp fire we had, soon after I almost passed out I began hearing twigs snapping and leaves shifting closer to where we were and I heard a voice that sounded close to one of the male counsolers “you alright”. Something told me not to move or get up at all.

The voice got closer “you alright” it sounded close to me. It stoped speaking and it sounded like it rushed off skmewhere fast.

The counselor it was mocking cane back to the site. I guess he went to take a leak and rushed back because he was checking on all of the campers and making sure we were all here and asleep. Morning came and the final treck to get to the pick up area to get back to the main camp was only two hours away so we decided to get going. I couldn’t feel more on edge and every one was looking at me weirdly.

We finally got to the pick up zone and we had to wait a while for the shuttle to pick us up and I had to nature calling me so I walked off to relive myself.

I wasn’t to far into the tree line but want long till I heard that a voice mimicking mine “finally, we’re hear” ran out of there before even starting to let lose. One of the counselors saw me running and asked what’s wrong didn’t even bother to tell them and asked how long the shuttle was going to be.

We got in and left, haven’t heard anything like it. I ask one of the campers I was with when we got back to the main camp he said it was something close to either goatman or a skinwalker never again will I go into a forest or a camping trip without a knife or something.

That was just too close for comfort.

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