Back Roads

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It was halloween night & I was staying over at a friends house, We will call her H. H & me had nothing to do that night & since trick or treating had been over for a few hours now we decided to call her friend, we will call him P, & have him come pick us up. (I was only 17 & H was 16 at the time, neither of us had a car. P however was 26 & had a car.)

It was around 11:30pm when P picked us up. H & P were friends but I was not very fond of him. Anyways, H asked for P to pick up her boyfriend, Pr.

Once we picked HIM up we thought, in the spirit of halloween, we could go to some place supposedly “haunted”. I’m a big “horror enthusiast” so I knew a lot of places we could go, I suggested one that was a back road of this abandoned car dealership. Behind the dealership there was a dirt road that took you far back into the woods & supposedly there used to be a small church that was rumored to be a satanic cult that would sacrifice people. & it eventually got burned down due to angry people who believed they were brain washing, & kidnapping children.

H & me were very excited & had P stop at a close by Walmart so we could get flash lights. After that, we put the location into the GPS & headed on our way. Once we got close the GPS started to glitch & kept telling us to make a U-turn. It’s like the GPS didnt know the road even existed.

The road took a lot longer to get down then we had expected, about 10-15 minutes. Once we got there it was around 2am. Once we got the the end of the road, where the “church” used to be you could see the foundation of where the building used to be. Behind the foundation was a railroad track, & in the middle of the foundation it looked as if people came back here & had made a fire place using old bricks. The place had a very creepy vibe, but I’m into that kindof stuff so I loved it.

About 20 minutes go by & me & H are on the railroad with our flash lights, talking & just looking around. The boys were down near the fireplace. & thats when H said she heard a sound, she said it sounded like rustling in the wood so she got freaked out & the boys came to her rescue. I figured it was just animals. So as they were calming H down I started to walk up further on the tracks, just to adventure around.

A couple minutes go by & I decided to rejoin the group, as I’m walking towards them I start to hear what sounds like someone walking over leaves but I just assumed it was in my head. Then As I reach the group I hear a female voice screaming & it sounded as if the scream was ecoing through the woods. I freaked THE FUCK out & so did H & Pr.

We all dashed to the car waiting for P to get in & get us the hell out of here.

After a couple minutes P finally got in the car & was refusing to leave. I was getting pissed & started arguing with him, he told me that if whoever that was, was in trouble that he can’t just leave them. & I get that, but H seemed seconds away from having a panic attack & I prioritized my friend over a stranger. So I eventually got him to take us back to H’s house.

I don’t know what we heard that night, I always try to reassure myself that maybe it was just some kids pranking us or something, but the church was deep in the woods off an abandon road & we didnt see anyother cars or bikes near the place. & the closes town was over 8 miles away.

Nobody ever belived us when we would try to tell them what happened… & I can’t really blame them. I don’t think I would believe me either, would you?

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