Australian dinosau

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This happen a few years ago when I went camping with my dad in the bush of Queensland Australia.

My dad and I planned too go camping for awhile too get away from all the people around us and to see the beauty that nature has but what we saw on that camping trip. So my dad is not easily sacred and is q big strong guy and well respected man and I am a fit fella but that not important until later in this.

My dad was packing our stuff into the car and I was just sitting on the car watching the kangaroos hope across the road then the door slammed and dad looked up at me smile and said “alright bear let’s go” I jumped off the car and into it.

As we were driving my dad lit his smoke and breathed in before telling this “bear the place we are going is not safe alone always stay near me” I smiled and laughed and said “no worries dad don’t worry”.

After a long six hour drive we made it too our little spot and set up camp it was boring and long but once our tents were up and the fire crackling in the cool night winds and the sounds of frogs and owls.

The first was great along with the second night but the third day and night were abit off no sounds of frogs or other bush animals but a mob of kangaroos were grazing and lying around until my dad shot one I dropped to the ground and turned around to see dad with a hunting rifle he laughed at me for dropping too the ground and swearing at him.

After that was over and walking back to camp we heard massive foot steeps from behind us and as we turned around to see glowing yellow eyes six or seven feet off the ground what it was turned away and walked off. The sixith day being there I went too the creek near the camp site leaving dad too sleep as I steep out of the bush I saw the kangaroos drinking then they stopped and looked around and what I saw next still give me nightmares I could only describe it as the burrjor it ripped through the bush and killed the kangaroo mob leader and stared right at me I got up and ran to my dad yelling for him to grab the gun.

He yelled for me too hit the deck BANG one shot BANG second shot then and ear shattering roar and painful hiss I span around and crawled backwards too see the dinosaur limbing back into the bush. We packed our stuff and went to start the car too hear two roars from the bush we both argued too not tell anyone until now we haven’t gone back since.

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