Attempted house burglary/ Dog saves the day story

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This story happened to me back in mid or late November. A little background information before I start the story. I’m a 23 year old female who works as a caregiver for special needs adults, and I live in a very rural area in Tennessee, at a base of the Cumberland plateau, that’s the southern part of the Appalachian Plateau in the Appalachian Mountains range.

Where I can’t even get Internet hooked up at my house. So I have to use my mobile data on my phone if I wanna use the internet. Anyways, I do really enjoy living so far out in the country. I love the out doors, always have, and always will.

But I’m going to be completely honest. I don’t live next to the most modest or upstanding citizens in my area. But that really didn’t bother my boyfriend and I when we purchased our house.

My boyfriend and I have 2 very Protective dogs, Roxie and Cracker-Jack. We also have grown up collecting and shooting firearms. So we genuinely felt safe being at the house alone. Our house sits on 2 and 1/2 acre and our closest neighbor is about 3 acres away on his land. So no one really bothered us, and vise versa.

Anyways, on to the story. It was my off day, and I was enjoying my night off from work. My boyfriend and I both work second shift, and he works as a Processing Technician at a local factory. He normally gets off around 11 at night and is home around 11:30 or midnight. But that night, my boyfriend had called me early in his shift, and told me that his third shift Process Tech called out, and he would have to stay over and be home around 2 or 3 in the morning.

It was no biggie, I thought because I’ve stayed overnight at my house plenty of times alone in the two years that I have lived here. And like I said earlier, I have two dogs, as well as several hand guns in the house that I’m not afraid to use, in case of an intruder attempts to break in.

So around midnight, I get pretty tired of trying to stay up. So I decide I’ll take a two to three hour nap, until my boyfriend gets home, and then I could try to spend some time with him, and not be dead-ass tired. So I get in the bed, with my two dogs, and I go to sleep shortly afterwards.

Then around 1:30 in the morning my bigger dog of the two, Roxie, starts growling very deeply at the bedroom window. This wakes me up, and I try to get her to hush, or whatever because, I’m thinking she probably hears coyotes, or some animal outside. She then starts barking extremely loudly, and then I hear something crash and fall outside against my bushes by my bedroom window.

I completely and fully wake up, and so does my other dog Cracker, whose just as confused as I am. But not Roxie, she bolts to my bedroom door and start scratching it, and is still going crazy while trying to get out. I then quickly get up out of bed, and grab my revolver that’s under my bed side table that’s also loaded. I start heading towards the front door, following Roxie who’s there within 2 seconds. Roxie then starts acting like she’s about to break down the front door while still barking and growling.

Then I thought for a second. Should I just open up the door, and just let her get whatever it is outside? Or should I look out the window first, to see if it’s just an animal, like a coyote or fox, so she doesn’t run off in the night and chase it. I decided to look out the window that’s beside my front door.

What I saw next, shocked and honestly scared me. There was a man, wearing jean shorts and a white no sleeves tank, top running away from my house, and then up the road. Even though I had my dogs, and a loaded gun in my hand, I truly felt scared. I think “Oh the f*** no.” So I thought for a second, If I should call my boyfriend, or the Sheriff Department.

I decide to call the local sheriff department first of course. Whenever I was on the phone with the dispatch, I told the lady what happened, and I also told her I thought it was very weird for someone to be running one, away from my house up the road and 2, in mid or late November wearing blue jean shorts and a tank top at almost 2 in the morning.

The dispatch lady agree, that was very strange, and that they would send a sheriff’s deputy out to my area immediately, so they can look for the guy. She then asks me if I wanted to have a sheriff’s deputy come by my house after they look up the road for the guy, and talk to me, so I can make a report, and I said yes.

So then after I got off the phone with dispatch, I call my boyfriend and told him everything that happened. He immediately left work, and came straight home. Right away, he started looking all around the outside of the house for the guy that I saw, but couldn’t find anything. We waited for nearly 2 hours to see if the Sheriff Deputy was going to come by or not, and they never did stop by the house. I never got a follow up for my local sheriff’s department nor have I seen this attempted house intruder since.

In the days that passed after the incident, My boyfriend thinks it could have been one of our Shady neighbors that lives a couple miles up the road from our house, where I saw the guy take iff running. He said that he told a couple of his co-workers at work what happened that night, and why he had to leave early.

Several of his co-workers, who are familiar with the area where we live at, said they know of a guy that lives a mile or two up the road from us, and that the guy is notoriously known for being a house burglar and a petty Thief. One of his co-workers even said, “Unless you have something bolted, or tied down to the floor, he’s going to try to find a way to take your s***.” I haven’t seen or met this neighbor/ well-known Thief.

But I’m very grateful that I had my dogs with me that night, and that Roxie woke me up, and alerted me of a possible intruder. That man should count his lucky stars that I didn’t decide to let my dog out after him, and that he decided to runaway instead of breaking in.

Because if he had made it inside my house, he would have been met with my two overly protected dogs, and several bullets in his skull, before he could even get a chance to react.

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