Attacked by a werewolf

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This story takes place in southern California, on my grandparent’s property. Their property is about four acres big and their house was close to the road.This encounter happened when I was six or seven.

I used to visit my grandparents every two weeks on the weekend. It was a three hour drive from my house through the desert. Me and my dad always took our old F250 ford truck. My dad would sometimes buy me things like toys or video games when we visited them. This is an important detail to the story. That day, my dad bought me a nerf gun and when we arrived, he told me to leave it in the truck for the day. We arrived at around six in the afternoon in the winter, so there was still about ½ an hour of daylight left.

We ate dinner inside and I began to play with toy cars that my grandpa let me play with when we visited. I had asked my dad to see the keys to the truck, so that I could show my grandpa the plastic rifle. My dad answered with a simple “sure” and handed me the keys from his pocket.

Our truck was parked about thirty feet from the house. My grandparents house is elevated about 5 feet off the ground with a porch that had two entrances which was also elevated. There was a fence, to keep people from falling off the porch, which was somewhat old and creaked when you leaned against it. It was a pretty bright night because of the cliche full moon, It was also windy.

Back to the story, it was about nine thirty when I went to retrieve the blaster and my dad chatted loudly with my grandparents who only speak Spanish. I left and began walking to the close truck when I heard rustling in the plants which I thought nothing of because of the abundance of small animals in the area. I shrugged it off thinking it was a squirrel or a rat. I went to the truck and opened it up (did I mention this truck requires you to use a key to open it and not a button with the key like in the new cars) I struggled to find it so I sat back down in the side passenger seat and looked out the window. Had this not happened, I may not be writing this today.

That’s when I saw it, creeping in the tree line, watching me. It appeared hairy and had dark yellowish eyes that peered back at me, its fur was black with a hint of red, yet it blended in well with the plants. When I had noticed it, it came running toward the truck. I slammed the door and locked the door with the in-car lock button. I looked up, from the button, only to see that it was gone. I didn’t think it was gone immediately, so I waited for my dad to get me. I was little, so I didn’t think of honking the horn. I waited for what felt like twenty minutes when the car began to shake.

It was rocking the whole truck and I couldn’t see where it was. I then heard loud scratching coming from outside from the rear of the truck. I then heard a loud thud on the side window, with a tap and a light scratching noise. They say that these encounters make grown people feel like children, I felt like I was going to pass out from fear. What I saw next made me freeze.

I looked up to see this wolf-like thing staring at me with its dark, yellowish eyes. It growled loud enough to be heard from inside of the truck, drool dripping from its mouth. I first thought it was a bear looking at me from the trees, because the bears in the area had recently killed an elderly couple and because it was standing on two legs, but as it peered in the window I thought it was a wolf. When I looked at its arms and the way it looked into the truck, I wasn’t sure what it was. It had hand-like paws and simply watched me from the side of the truck.

It stared at me for a lifetime as I hid in my dad’s truck. I felt helpless, close to my family, yet they knew nothing about the trouble I was in. Looking back on it, the scratch was rough and bad, it could have smashed the window easily. Maybe it knew my family was inside, perhaps it thought the broken window would sound the alarm which wasn’t working. I feel dread while writing this. If it had broken the window, no alarm would sound and who knows what remains my family could’ve found if I was found at all.

It ran away on two legs very fast, it looked back and made what looked like a terrifying smile. I noticed a long bushy tail like a wolf’s, which makes me believe it was a werewolf. At that moment, my dad came outside looking for me. I didn’t know what it was, so I said it was a bear. My dad saw the scratch and didn’t really care and said “As long as you’re okay”. The story doesn’t end there however. Later on that night, the porch creaked and I heard light footsteps as I slept alone in the living room. It looked through the window which was closest to my toes and stared at me. It scratched the window and made the same smile before leaving. The window was cracked in the morning, I didn’t sleep much that night and I think that the thing broke the window to taunt me. As if to say “I could have gotten you in that truck back there”.

I am 14 now and am 6 foot 2. Unlike others, I want to see that creature again and get a better look at it. I would take a picture of the scratch but, my dad had the truck fixed to prevent rust a long time ago. I never saw it again and my grandparents moved closer to us for medical reasons. My family is no stranger to the paranormal. My house has the piano play many times, power tools connected turn on to the max level at midnight. Our garage radio turns on at random. We are the first owners of our house, but most of the creepy stuff follows my dad’s side of the family. My oldest sister can no longer play on ouija boards because a demon or “unborn child” as it called itself, now follows her and whenever she plays. I am adopted, yet I still experience much of the creepy stuff. My parents moved to our area before a lot of people moved here so they saw all sorts of stuff and the government explained floating orbs of light as gas leaks. Our government knows something that they want us to not know about. I have and always will believe in the paranormal, aliens, and other unexplainable events. Have a nice day and for a bit of advice, just don’t die.

(Hey Brendon, do you have any terrifying events to share? Also feel free to add and take away bits that sound unrealistic or bad.) (I also made you a meme but, I am not sure if you saw it on twitter but, yeah.) Le wild one out.

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