Arrest From Hell

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Hello I would like to start off by saying I am still a police officer and the Louisiana state so much of the information given about identities and locations may be changed due to safety reasons and job specification.

I’ve been a police officer now for six and a half years it’s around the Lafayette area in Louisiana and this story my name will be DJ. now I’ve listened to your channel for a while now and though some stories are good not many of them are real, my story might not have skinwalkers or red men Chasing After You but it does have the scariest monster of all when a human goes mad.

My Story begins about 2 years ago it was mid October and I got a call about a naked man running down the street disturbing the peace and indecent exposure. when I show up to the scene I noticed a heavy set naked man running from house to house banging on each door waiting for someone to open now at this time I was training a young Deputy that just got out of the academy and this story his name will be Jared.

when we got out the vehicle we called into dispatch and let them know that we were on scene. being that Jared just got out the academy and was training with me I let him take lead. well we were approaching the man he was screaming and words we don’t understand to this day we still don’t think it’s any language. seeing this behavior before we’re already under the impression he’s on some hardcore drugs such as legal or PCP so we take our precautions. once we reach the man Jared trys speaking with him. he shouts at Jared and says no and then Whispers I want to speak to him and points at me. not like I’ve said I’ve been on the road for a couple years now so this might have been a guy already picked up and he just remembers me so I agree to his request and I speak to him. little did I know this moment right here is where this man would change my life forever.

I start off by asking him what is he doing outside running around naked and banging on people’s doors. he replies with the devil told me I had to find the right ones blood two become one with Lucifer. now I’ve heard this whole story before not quite the way he said it but I’ve heard of people messed up on drugs speaking to the devil, but there was something in his face that honestly look like he believed it. so I asked him what did you take tonight you took some of that new legal that’s been going around tried to have a little bit of fun and you overdid it I see.he stops look me up and down and says mine will do. well he tells me this I’m looking him over and I noticed I don’t recognize them from before he’s about is about 360 lb he’s about 35 and pretty much the same height as me while I’m thinking of this he staring at my gun in my holster. We already had enough to arrest him some before things got any more out of hand I made the call to put him in handcuffs. he didn’t put up a fight and he came easy, the only part was more gibberish in the backseat all the way to the station.

When we arrive to the station the booking deputies meet us at the door they take him in search him with no problem. then they begin the fingerprinting process, he asked when he’s going to get his phone call the deputy replies to him as soon as we’re done fingerprinting you that is our procedurehe says nothing more until he finally gets his phone call, also we learn his name is Clay and this is where I start to get weirded out don’t let me remind you I’ve seen some things from dead bodies two dead bodies bloating up in a bathtub full of water mangled bodies in car wrecks but the thing that always struck me the most was seeing a dead child but this was the first time work followed me home.

my partner Jared was asking him what phone number he would like to call he gave him the phone number on our caller ID it showed up as a private number it’s nothing new we still let it go through. as soon as someone answer the phone my partner handed him the phone on the other side of the booth. he began by telling the person on the other side that he was locked upand then he started speaking in a different language it wasn’t a language any of us had heard before it was weird but while he was talking to the other person on the phone he kept looking at me and smiling or on the end of the phone call he drew silent for a while we figured the other person was talking to him I don’t know where he drops the phone Twitches is if he’s having a seizure and then I shit you not falls on his back and start doing some kind of spider walk it creeps the hell out of me. then he jumps up from off the floor puts his hand against the glass right by my face says something and then passes out.

now about 2 days pass and my partner and I are getting back to work. Jared asks me remember that crazy naked dude clay he bonded out yesterday morning. jokingly I said to him will probably have to pick him up again soon because as a cop we’ve seen multiple offenders bond out and come right back within days weeks or months. we went on to run tonight like it was just another normal night. but when I got home is when the crazy Story begins.

I get off at shift at 6 a.m. in the morning I work nights so I get home at about 6:15 everyday and today when I pulled up I noticed something weird in front of my door step I’m figured maybe my wife might have put something in front the door like a mat or something like that but when I approach closer I noticed it wasn’t a mat at allno instead it was six dead birds formed in the shape of a triangle and inside of the triangle was this chalice like cup. I knew in my mind this has to be placed here by someone but why and by who, through the course of the next couple of days things got weird knocking on my door when I was home or not home got to the point where I told my wife to keep carrying a gun because when we open the door no one would be there just another dead bird. things started getting worse when we started finding markings on our vehicles are mail opened and left on my doorstep. now we have a security system with ADT but that will come in later. now this is where this guy has completely haunted my life for the rest of the days that I will live.

it’s now November 13th it’s 5:30 p.m. my wife and I are going to visit my mom that lives in New Iberia it’s about a 35 minute drive.while visiting with my mom at approximately 7:48 p.m. I get a phone call it’s from ADT they’re asking me if I entered my home and if so I need to give him the password I said no I’m not currently home, and return they said okay we’re going to call the police now also knowing that I’m a police officer they advised me that the left bathroom window was broken into if it truly wasn’t me at home. now knowing the information that I know I called the captain on shift that night to find out who was going to basically be my backup for when I reach my home he replied your partner Jared he came in for some OT and he’s working your jurisdiction tonight. I hang up the phone with the captain and call Jared on his private cell he picks up and I tell him hey bro sounds like some fuk head broke into my home he replied with yeah man don’t worry when I get there he’s in some trouble how long you going to be? I told him I’m already on my way I’ll meet you there. sadly this will be the last time I ever get to speak to him. the rest of the story is too surreal I’m still shaken up about it to this day I enter my home to see more than one cop car in my driveway I see some of the other guys coming out but not Jared I asked them what’s going onwho the hell broke into my house and where is jared. They reply at the moment were looking for the person that broken to your home, but we ask that you don’t go inside right now and if you have a cigarette you might want to light it. not knowing what they’re going to tell me I’m thinking this guy came into my house stole a bunch of things broke things but none of it compares to what comes out their mouth next.Deputy Christy put your hand on my shoulder and tells me your partner didn’t make it. I don’t remember my exact expression I just remember feeling confused in not knowing what I just heard. I asked her what the hell did you just tell me? she says he was shot in the back multiple times and there was also a note. I said well let me see the note I wanted to see him but at this time forensics was already there I couldn’t see the note because forensics already had in their possession but Deputy Christie remembers what was on the Note and it read as follows it wasn’t the blood I needed but it’ll do for now.I know who it is my heart sinks my face turns pale my hands sweaty this guy just killed my partner and my home and there was nothing I can do about it. I know who it is I tell them and we go on the hunt.

now I’m going to spare you the long-drawn-out news because I’m already taking too much time telling this story we caught him on November 15th at 2:15 in the morning I would have liked to been the one to catch him because he would have never made it to jail. now he has to stand trial in front of a court so the court date finally comes and we all go to court Walden Court he’s staring at me the whole time not smiling or giving any kind of expression just staring mad to take him away for awhile so the court could appeal because I wanted to get my hands on him. we found out from the Forensic Files for my partner Jared body that after he was killed he was also raped and they also found in a cotton swab of Clay’s mouth and DNA that he did in fact drink my partner’s blood not the sick f***** got what he deserved life in prison he’s now serving the rest of his sentence in Angola you can look it up if you want so you’re going to have to dig because none of the names I gave are accurate it was on the news in our area. I still visit my partner all the time and lay flowers at his grave he died going to my home knowing that kills me sometimes I wish I would have been home instead of him then maybe still we be riding together thank you for your time



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