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I was 13 when this happened. Here is a little back story to help this story make sense. When i was little my mom and dad owned a dog named Sandy she was a bull dog I remember what breed a bulldog but she was very sweet i grew up with her
I thought she would live for ever but she died on the first day of school when i was 12 i cried all day when i found out anyways
here is where it gets weird and some what creepy it was a year after she died i had just turned 13 and I could not wait to visit sandy’s grave to tell her all about my Birth day party but my Mom and dad told me “We cant make it to visit her today there is a storm rolling in” i was bummed and went and played games in my room that night
I was the last one up and it was very quiet other then my video game’s background music i heard the light sound of claws on the wood floor i thought it was my fat cat Shadow but when i looked over at the door i saw something that brought me to tears there in the door way was my Dead dog sandy i thought i was seeing things from lack of sleep so i rubbed my eyes but when i looked back she was closer and it startled me i wasn’t sure if it was real so i shut off my game and went to bed and nothing has happened sense

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Awe! First I’m sorry you lost your friend on the first day of school. I know you’re older now but when we loose our pets, at any age, that pain is always rememberable. I was taking summer school classes between graduating from middle school and starting high school; I know it’s a lame way to spend half the summer but I always did far better in summer school than I did during the normal school year. Anyways, I had just got home (it was a Friday and I had walked) from school when I found my rabbit dead at the bottom of his cage. I was heartbroken! I spent the wkends with my Dad growing up and he was coming early to get me, little did I know my bad day was about to get worse. He knocks on the door, I answer in tears and he tells me our dog passed away earlier that day. I was crushed! Although I’ve had many incredible pets since then, the loss of losing any of them never goes away, it just gets easier.

I think it’s truly incredible your puppy came to see you on such a special day because you were unable to visit. I wish you had responded differently to her but we each handle paranormal experiences differently. Maybe you should go visit her or maybe call out to her, say hello and see what happens! I’ve had a few of my animals come back to visit and I, personally, think it’s one of the most amazing things to happen. I cherish those moments!