An Alien sighting in an Albanian village

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I live in tirana. That is the capital of albania. But I come from a small seaside vilage in sothern albania. It is not one of those paranormal wierd villages. Its a pretty beutyfull village and me and my family go there about every 2 months because we have a small house there and my grandparents live in that house.

Now this isnt a horror story. But it did spook me when it happened.

So it was a regular november night and we had a pretty big fire going on inside and it got really hot for me. So i decided to spend a couple of minutes outside. As i was looking at the sky full of stars i turned around to see the sea and i noticed a cruise ship. Now this was nothing strange because cruise ships passed there all the time but what grabed my attention was how bright the lights were.

Like hurting my eyes bright.

Because of that i decided to look at the stars one more time. Only to see this wierd looking string of light twerling in the sky like a snake.

I closed my eyes and opened them again thinking my brain was playing with me but, here it was again suddenly it shot of in to the night sky only to burst into a milion fragments that fell over the sea. As i looked at the sea i noticed the cruise ships lights were being dimed and dimed untill they were completely off.

i also noticed that everything was quiet.the crickets everything.

As i got into the house i noticed my dad trying to fix the tv. When i asked him what was wrong he answered by telling me that somehow the tv went completely static.

Now i am pretty sure that wasnt some airforce top secret plane because the albanian air force has only about 20 rusty helicopters with machine guns and the same goes for the neighboring countries. However nothing strange ever happened that night nor the other nights. That is my story.

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