Alone in the aisle

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It was Lily’s birthday. Lily has been my best friend since 7th grade. I went to K-mart to find her a gift. Keep in mind I am 16 at the time and still can’t watch a scary movie without crying. I knew exactly what to get her. I went straight for the make up aisle which is at the back of the store.

It was October and the store was almost empty and no one was there. I walked past the Halloween decor and out of the corner of my eye I saw this man who was starring right at me. I ignored it thinking it was my mind and the decorations playing tricks on me.

I get back to the make up and I am all alone.

I get this erie feel of being watch but brush it off because i was practically the only one in the store. I turn y head just in time to see someone walking into the other aisle. I move on to the lipstick and there is this guy standing there. He looked homely and like he was living on the streets. I was very uncomfortable and nervous. He turned and looked at me and smiled.

I was so scarred I moved to another aisle. But he followed me.

It was like he appeared out of nowhere. He grabbed my arm. His hand was cold and dry. I felt Empty and dead. I screamed. An employee ran over and shoved him off of me. I ran to the front desk and the lady working called the cops and I explained to them how he looked. Homely, with grey hair, empty brown eyes. and a beard maybe 2 or 3 inches long. They searched around the store and the area but couldn’t find him.

We decided to check the security footage. This is what creeped me out the most, he wasn’t on the footage. There were videos of me standing in the aisles but I was alone. And there was no footage of the man grabbing my arm or the employee who help me.

I haven’t seen either of them since

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