Almost kidnapped while working

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I am from a small town in Florida. I work at a Walmart super center as a day time cashier. I was on register four, the time was early afternoon. I had a man come through my line, I have so many customers through my line every day and I can’t remember exactly what person buys what. The man in front of me was a short man, I’m five foot. So he was maybe five, seven. He had short red hair and was heavy set. I said my usual greeting: “Hi how are you doing today.” He said he was good, then told me I was very beautiful. I told him thank you, when I was done scanning his items and he paid, I went to hand him his receipt. That’s when he grabbed me by the wrist very hard and got a scary look on his face. He started tugging me telling me he wanted to take me home with him. I snatched my wrist away and was ready to call my manager over when he bolted away. I later told my manager, and she laughed it off. I was scared and furious. I told our security about it the next day and had him watch the footage. We know who the man is, but for the sake of my story, I’m not going to give out the name. He is still out there, please be careful out there. I almost got kidnapped in front of a bunch of people at work.


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