Almost Attacked

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This takes place back in middle school, I just graduated high school and remembering this still gives me chills.

I was 12 or so, and creepypasta was a huge fad back then. All of my friends and I loved the stories and characters. I’d heard stories of some of these being real, like the cryptids or monsters. I didn’t brush these off as fake, I’m a huge believer in paranormal and monsters, so I was scared by these claims.

One of my friends at the time, we’ll call her Sonny, was having a birthday party and I was invited. She invited me, and a few others friends of ours. We went out to a designated camping ground, in a heavily forested part of Washington. I don’t remember the name of the place, but it as quite a ways away from civilization. We had a little cabin to sleep in, and it was close to a lake in the middle of the campsite.

The night we got there we went out to the lake to play by the water, tell stories and celebrate Sonny’s birthday. The sun had gon down and we were watching the stars. I heard splashing on the other side of the lake, and looked up to see if there was someone swimming, or an animal. What I saw made me do a double take.

It was a white figure, hunched over its long arms, claws digging in the water. I watched it for a moment, and then placed my hand on one of my friends arms. I said, “what is that?” In a small voice, and the others looked at the figure across the lake. All of us stared at it, and then it turned to us.

It had dark eyes, like it didn’t have any in the first place. It slowly pulled its arms out of the water, and started to move. Before I knew what was happening, it was sprinting. Full speed at us.

We got up and turned on our heels to run back to the cabin. We could hear it getting closer, and the sounds of it tearing the grass up as it did. It was growling like a dog, and snarling.
We made it back to the cabin and slammed the door, pressing ourselves against it to keep it shut.

Then everything was quiet. We hardly slept, we were terrified of it somehow getting into our cabin. The next morning we went outside to see the trail of mangled grass and dirt it left as it chased us.

I knew it was the Rake, or maybe it was a skin walker. But I believe it was the rake. From everything I’ve read, and other people’s stories and experiences, there’s no way it wasn’t.

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