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One night it was a summer night i forgot if i was 10 or 9 maybe 11 i forgot. I decided to stay up till i got really tired, big mistake. Before leaving for Denver we watched a paranormal show and one of the things it showed was the men in black.

I’m not talking about the MIB that you have seen in movies I’m talking about the real ones.

They are kinda like an FBI group that comes after you have seen a dark tall blue eyed glowing alien. They ask you questions about what you saw and your reactions. Anyways its about 2:30 by now and I remember the show suddenly and how one women describes her encounter.

Then thump i looked at my window i sat there terrified.

I saw a pair of bright glowing blue eyes and a black outline of a very tall creature. I had another flash back from the show and realized that this creature was in fact from the show.

I was terrified i threw the covers over my head and body and became like a slug and slowly checked the time from my nightstand and crawled into my parents room i realized i had been sitting in my bed hidden under my blankets for nearly an hour but it felt like weeks.

it was around 3:30 now and i was petrified i was surprised i even made it a step out of my bed. When i told my dad and step mom they went in my room but by then the creature had left.

I was also very scared and surprised it didn’t try getting in because i had only a screen protecting the border between it and my room.

I have scratch marks under my window still, those wont go away. Even when i went to my mom’s house all the way across town i still didn’t feel safe.

I didn’t get a good night’s rest for about 2 weeks. My parents still don’t believe me about the alien they say i was looking at my reflection since i have blue eyes but i know i wasn’t. Now days i don’t stay up to much after 1:30 unless i have a sleepover. I especially don’t sleep with the curtains not drawn and my window open. I will never forget that moment or that picture stuck in my head.

Thank goodness it hasn’t come back in a year now and hopefully it wont. And my brother is complaining about black cats.

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