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I’m not really you’re typical girl.

I have no in real life friends, I’m shy and very quiet all together. Your typical loner. So my only source of actually talking to someone is through social media. Lame right?

Anyways this incident of mine happened two years ago when I was 16. I was on this dating app called “meetme” which I was very spectacle of it since I’ve had bad experiences in the past. But I decided why not? I can make friends for once that live close or so I thought….

As I was on the site, talking to a few people here and there, a name came up “Adam”. A very nice looking guy, my type, long blond and brown hair, hazel eyes, piercings and tattoos. He was cute but… I was talking to a girl I had been into for awhile. He lived a few hours away and he shot me up with a “hey, you seem chill, what’s up?” So of course I replied with “hey nothing much” and from there we talked almost everyday for a few weeks on kik.

Adam was getting strange though. He would tell me things that weren’t true and I caught him in a lie a couple of times. Not to mention he would never video chat me, there was always an excuse for it, like he was hiding something.

I just thought maybe he was shy like me perhaps. But when we had phone calls, his voice was completely different from how he looked.

Now I’m not one to judge but there was no way his voice matched with his pictures. His voice was more country while he looked more alternative..

I finally decided to ask him why he would never video chat with me and why there was an excuse every time.

Instead of answering my questions he got furious and told me to “fuck off.”

So after that I didn’t talk to him and by this time I was fed up anyways.

A week or two later I had heard nothing and was talking Alice, the girl I was into while I was at Walmart, buying a few things. when Adam then messaged me on kik saying “You look a lot nicer in person, I really like the goth look you got going on.” To that I was confused and said “what?”

He said that he saw me walk past him in Walmart and he wanted to say hi, but was scared since we hadn’t talk in awhile. But I would of remembered if I saw him and I thought he lived a few hours away. I brushed it off though and just ignored him from there.

Now at this time I was living in a run down ghetto trailer park, which no one knew where I lived unless I had told them. As I was walking through my door that same day. my parents were arguing over something very stupid, like always and 10 mins later I get a messaged from Adam saying “are you okay? You’re parents are arguing again” and to that I was pretty spooked. I had chills up my spine and I knew he had been watching me. How? I don’t know.

I was too scared to do anything so I blocked him, closed all the curtains and locked the doors. I didn’t tell anyone because they would think I’m crazy or lying so I didn’t talk to anyone for a few days and stayed inside my house. Since it was the summer I wasn’t too worried because I didn’t have school yet. I didn’t hear from Adam for a day or two but he had messaged me on Facebook…cussing me out because I hadn’t talked to him, telling me he was going to rip off my head and stick it on a pole. There was more gruesome stuff he had told me he was going to go but I rather not I just simply said “leave me alone” and blocked him. But that still didn’t stop, he had text me perfusly saying all these things about me, telling me he knew where I lived, what school I went to, the principles name, who my brother and sisters where. All that kind of stuff and threatening me. He had also told me he knew who Alice was and told me he was going to harm her for taking my attention away from him, that she didn’t really want me or something like that…At that point I was terrified so I finally told my mother and she was just as terrified as me. We were going to call the police, but unless he was going to do actual harm, they weren’t going to do anything..

we decided to move and a few months later we did… I had my number change and once school started back up, we had warned the school of someone possible lurking around school, stalking me…

I haven’t heard from Adam since then but I finally discovered he was a fake. Using pictures of a guy name “jay” and his real name was Thomas… when I found out who he was and what he looked like I stayed alarmed for the next few months…

This should go to a warning to anyone who decides to talk to someone online, know who you’re talking to and always be aware or your surroundings.

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