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about close to a year ago I owned a bed that was almost like a bunkbed except it had a desk for the bottom bunk in a bed on top . There was a little wooden ledge on the right-hand side of the bed . it was a twin bed . I used this little wooden ledge for drinks , food etc . I am a very lazy teenager and don’t like doing things if I am not comfortable. So I’m obsessed with nails and constantly paint my nails but they never look good

. So one night I was taking off my nail polish with the remover and I left the bottle on the wooden ledge . Now something very important to the story , I rarely drink water , I know I know it’s bad for me but that’s what makes this story so strange . So after I was done with my nails I watched a bit of YouTube and went to bed .

I’m not sure how long I had been awake at this time but I think this was around 4 am . My eyes were shut but I knew I was awake . Like something possessed me , I sat up extremely quick grabbed the bottle of actone and toke a gulp , I had swallowed it and realized what I’d done . I’m gagging just typing this . Mind you my eyes were closed THIS ENTIRE TIME ! when I swallowed i opened my eyes .

Then I ran to the washroom and threw up immediately. I just tried my best to get the taste out of my mouth for a few minutes.

Then when I accetpeted the taste wouldn’t go away I gave up and went to sit back down . Then I called poison control . The operator told me if I drank anymore , I would need serious help . I went to tell my mom and she was drowsy and tired and brushed it off . I went to school that day . I don’t know why on earth I didn’t stay home . The worst was the burps .

Everything that happened that night rushes back to you after you taste it . Acetone . I still don’t know if that was a coincidence or if something made me to it . I know for a fact I wasn’t “thirsty “ and looking for water .

I wasn’t thirsty at all at the time . For almost a year I couldn’t smell acetone and not cry or gag . I don’t know if this was scary to any of you but I hope it teaches you something

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