A werewolf in Davie

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I’ve honestly only told this experience to two people-my husband and my son. To this day, I try to tell myself that I imagined it, but 23 years later, it’s still as fresh in my mind as the night it happened.

I was dating this guy who lived in Davie, FL and 23 years ago, Davie was the boondocks of Broward County. It was all mini – ranches and cattle grazing land; the Burger King in town still had hitching posts for horses. It was COUNTRY to a suburb dweller like me. He lived down a dirt road (paved now) off Griffin Rd and his house was set on a couple of acres that backed up to pastureland. There were no streetlights, and when we pulled into his driveway, not even the front porch light was on.

But the moon was full and lit up the yard so much I could see all the way to the treeline that separated his front yard from the cattle property next door. I’ll admit, I’ve always had a fear of the dark so the idea of staying in the car while he ran into the house real quick was not appealing to me but I didn’t get along with his mother, and, well, it was bright enough outside. I watched him unlock the side door and go into the house, then through the Florida room window, saw him stop and chat with his mom and dad.

Five minutes go by, then another, and I’m starting to get annoyed. He was supposed to run in the house and get something from his room and come back out. Nope, he’s bellied up to their bar, just chatting away. So, mustering up my mental fortitude to deal with his mother, I took one last look around the yard before I opened my door to step out…and I’m glad I did. Just as I opened the door and put my foot out, I noticed the trees shaking over by the tree line. I stared at the spot, thinking it was a cow breaking through the fence. Then I noticed it was on two legs and very, very tall. It stopped on the edge of the trees, right at the line separating my boyfriend’s yard from the pasture, bathed in moonlight.

It was a wolf. On two legs. Pure white, and built like a man, but covered in fur and with a wolf’s head. Judging by the trees, it was about 7′ tall. It’s eyes glowed green. I froze. I had never understood the term “paralyzed with fear” until that night. I literally could not move. I couldn’t barely breathe. Turning my head was out of the question. Drawing my leg back into the car was out of the question. I could only stare at what my frantic mind was telling me was a werewolf.

It was sniffing the air, like it was trying to catch a scent. Was it trying to catch mine? Did it know I was there? How could what I be seeing actually exist? I didn’t know what to do. It was approximately 100′ away from where I sat, cowering in the car. The front door of the house was only about 25′ away. I couldn’t decide whether to try to get to the house or stay in the car. Then I thought, what if my boyfriend comes out while that thing is there? Should I honk the horn and try to scare it away?

All this occurred in much less time than I remember; at the time, it felt like 20 minutes but it was most likely only a minute or two. I had just broken my paralysis and slid my foot back in the car when it dropped down to all fours, turned, and loped away back the way it came.

I just sat staring where it had stood, shaking. I didn’t even realize my boyfriend had come out and gotten back in the car until he said, “Wow babe, what’s wrong with you? You’re all sweaty and pale as a ghost!” I couldn’t tell him what I had just seen because I barely believed it myself, so I just mumbled that I *thought* I had seen something and it scared me. I slept with my lights on for about a year after that, convinced it was going to come for me, like it knew I was there and survived. I also, to this day, can’t watch anything with a werewolf in it.

When I started dating my husband, he wanted me to watch the Underworld movies with him (the first two were out). I kept telling him no, that werewolves scared me and he kept saying, “You know they don’t exist, right? You love zombie and vampire movies!”, so I had to tell him my story. To his credit, he didn’t call me crazy or even disbelieve me. He did, however, cajole me into watching the movie and let me tell you, the first time William Corvenus showed up on screen as the big, white wolf, I screamed so loud and hid my face under a throw pillow. Whoever conceptualized that design for the wolf got it spot on.

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