A Weird Visitor

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When I was young I lived with both my grandparents, my mom and my aunt in this one apartment. I hated sleeping in my room so bad. It just had a weird and very bad energy around it. I guess I was around 6 or 7 at the time this started happening, but my family was telling me I was too big to sleep with my mom, so they’d make me sleep in my room.

The door was always left open just a few inches, and the lights on the corridor would be turned on. When I say that I couldn’t sleep, I meant it. The only way I managed to sleep was by passing out of exhaustion, and so that happened often. It was odd, though because it seemed to happen right after a recurring nightmare I’d have, even if I don’t remember sleeping at all.

I’d see slender, white fingers curl around the door and push it open to reveal this… disgusting creature behind it. He was tall, anorexic looking and had a toothless mouth with beady black eyes that simply leaked malice from them. The thing would breathe heavily as if something was blocking their nose, and as they walked inside my room they’d drop to their hands and feet like a spider, and crawl under my bed. Afterwards, I’d feel my arm being pulled by their skeletal, thin and cold fingers and my hand would hang off the bed. I always hated this part. I’d squeeze my eyes shut and muffle a cry as I felt their slimy lips wrap around my index and middle finger, hot tongue lapping at my pudgy digits.

I really wouldn’t care much about this nightmare, if I didn’t wake up with my fingers drenched in saliva. Thicker than anything I’ve seen, and slimier than glue.

I only found out it was a ghoul when my mom’s boss talked to me about it. He said they’d often suck the energy out of kids in order to replace their own. I guess that’s why I passed out.

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