A Tap on my Shoulder

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Back in 1991 when my husband and I were married about a year and a half, we were laying in bed talking about daily life, our future, etc. He was laying facing his side of the room, which would be a wall and with his back facing me, and I was laying facing my wall with my back facing him, so back-to-back. Anyway, we’re lying in our bed in the dark, and I started talking about sad moments that have happened to me or relatives that I was remembering who have passed away, and my husband would mumble “hmm-hmm,” or “oh, I’m sorry to hear that, hon,” but by now, he’s falling asleep and probably not really listening. After going on for about a good ten minutes, I mentioned something that was really sad that affected me, and I kind of teared up a bit and my voice was cracking and I’m sniffling, and at that moment, I felt several taps on my shoulder thinking my husband reached over and was trying to make me feel better and comfort me. After the taps on my shoulder, I said, “Thanks, Honey – that was nice of you.” My husband said in a groggy voice, “Thank me for what?” I said, “For tapping my shoulder and comforting me.” He waited a few seconds, and said, “What are you talking about? I didn’t tap your shoulder…” I said, “Yes, you did – just now, three times.” He replied, “Sweetie, I never touched you…I’m facing the wall! I haven’t moved since we got into bed!” At that moment, I slowly turned over and saw my husband laying on his side facing the wall, and I’m thinking how I never felt the mattress move IF he had turned over to tap my shoulder…I said again, “Someone just tapped my shoulder three times as if to say “I’m sorry to hear your sad stories.” Again, my husband was emphatic and repeated, “I did not tap your shoulder! I haven’t moved!!” I was freaked out by what just happened…there truly was no way my husband could have physically rolled over without me feeling the bed move – he’s 6’5″, 400 pounds, so I would have DEFINITELY felt him rolling over! This has been an unsolved mystery to me ever since, and I guess that I’ll never know who tapped my shoulder that night way back in 1991.

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