A Special Cake

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Let me start off by saying I am a female from Michigan, and this was one of the creepiest things that has happened to me. This is not shitting your pants scary, but if you had been in my place, it was scary as hell.

It was my 9th birthday, and I had my friends over for a party. I was a very babyish nine year old, so I had a “My Little Pony” party. I had five other girls, my best friend, Regina, this one girl, Holly, another girl, Kiki, and her sister, Gianna. Lastly I had my cousin, Fran. We had planned to have a sleepover, and as any nine year old girl would be… I was thrilled.

We played tag, and “Marco polo” in my pool. Holly and Gianna wanted to play hide and seek, so we decided to play that for a good hour. After games, my mom had called us in for cake, see, this cake was vanilla with blue icing,and  “Happy Birthday Lorraine” on the top in purple. Complete with all of the main characters of the my little pony series. Point is, I loved this gorgeous cake, and me, as well as my friends could not wait to dig in. They sang happy birthday to me, and we had the cake.

About a hour goes by, and we are up in my room.

We are playing the stereotypical “truth or dare” when Gianna throws up suddenly, all over my carpet. Of course, all the other girls are screaming and grossed out, and Gianna’s mom comes and picks her up not long after. About a half hour after Gianna is gone, we are watching “The Lion King” in my living room since my room is being cleaned by my dad.

That’s when, Holly, who is laying next to me, gets up and runs to my bathroom, and she vomits.

Holly is then picked up, and by this time, all the other girls are worried and are questioning why BOTH got sick. We went over everything we had ate, and all we had consumed was the pizza and cake. The rest of the evening was normal, and we all went to bed. It was now one AM, and Kiki wakes me up,

“Lorraine, Regina isn’t feeling well, she said her stomach hurts.”

Oh no. I thought, obviously worrying.

Regina, you guessed it, threw up a few minutes later. My mom considered getting Kiki and Fran picked up, worried that they would get sick, but she didn’t want to bug Kiki’s mom to come back out and pick her up, because she had picked up her sister not even four hours ago. And she also didn’t want to wake my aunt up to come pick up Fran, because my aunt had been pregnant and she didn’t want to disturb her sleep schedule.

It’s now four am, and I wake up, and again, you guessed it, I throw up. I run to my mom, and she gives me some water and a bit of Tylenol. Nobody else gets sick, and in the morning, they both leave early. My mom then gets a call that Fran is violently ill, and my aunt is worried. That’s my when my mom has had enough. She marches down to the bakery in which she got my cake, and asked to see the manager.

Long story short, some creep who had been fired and arrested about two days before my party, he had made my cake.He was fired and arrested originally because he had been putting rat poison in cakes and cupcakes. They found traces of it when a little boy that lived in our city had had a cupcake from there, and he got severe food poisoning. His mother rushed the boy to urgent care, and they found traces of the poison. My cake had been the last cake positioned.

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