A near encounter with a wendigo

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This story happened on a camping trip on september 7th 2018, I woke up originally not planning on camping i honestly just wanted to kick back for the day but my 2 close friend’s (we’ll call them jack and chase) came over with camping gear as today looked quite nice to be out but i was slightly against it at first seeing as I’ve had a similar encounter a few years back but they pressed on so i decided too.

It took us a while to pack up but soon we we’re on our way to the nearby woods and that’s when it was slowly getting darker. By the time we got to the spot it was basically night so we rushed to set up tents and start up a fire before then.

Eventually we managed to get a decent fire going that we were proud of and for most of the night things were as per usual just quiet and chill until it started getting pitch black out. It started to rain hard afterwards so we were forced to go in a tent be and chase went in the small one and jack got the large one we were talking aloud Trying to kill time but around 3 am things went south.

We heard jack hush us as he heard footsteps around us and we quickly went dead silent.

I knew they were real as chase looked as worried as i did and me being a skeptic i was thinking of all the possible things it could be, i then decided to quietly look out side so i pulled the tent zipper to the side and peeped out but as soon as i did my blood ran cold as i saw a white illuminated figure appear to be looking around our site.

After seeing the look on my face chase started getting freaked out as i told him how the last encounter went. We stayed there silent for about an hour before we decided to slowly creep out to look around. The only form of protection we had was a karambit my friend brought and my leatherman but when we got out we saw nothing, we walked around but never saw it and we went back to the fire.

I was worried as this hadn’t happened before so i was frantic about it but eventually calmed down so we slowly got ready to crawl back in tents but as Jack went in chase grabbed my shoulder and pointed.

When my eyes adjusted i went into shock as we saw it facing away from us we we’re frozen in place not wanting to alarm it but we almost screamed cause it sounded like the thing was saying “please help me” in a slow forced manor. It was tall and lanky, it’s features look sank in and it’s face chilled me to the core.

Eventually it went off and as soon as it did we all hid in the tent scared and wide awaked.

We didn’t talk till day came about and as soon as it did we packed and got out of dodge but whole trip home i felt like we were being watched he entire time and that really worried me. As soon as we left we all looked at another with the same near death face and soon after refused to speak off it but i think you guys would enjoy to hear it so thank you for listening have a snazzy time

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