A Jail Story

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So I’ll preface this story by telling you I’m 19 year old Corrections Officer and I work in a Regional Jail on the east coast. It was on a evening back in September  2017 when this story took place. I had recently received a medical discharge from the Army.

I got hired on with the Jail shortly after and that’s where this story takes place. So, I got up around 4 pm to start my 12 hour shift working until 4 am. It wasn’t any different from any other day I got ready I jumped in my car and headed to work. I arrived shortly there after, I headed into the Jail and clocked in went to the Locker room and changed into my uniform.

I then headed into the briefing room to receive information from the previous shifts and to receive where would we would be posted throughout the day.

Let me also say this in this particular Jail to have carry OC Spray or a Baton you had to be certified which I was not so we are unarmed with only our hands and feet to get us out of a situation.

So I learned from my Sergeant I would be working in the part of the Jail that was not currently being used due to maintenance but still needed to be guarded. So I get walk to my designated area and informed the main tower where I was because we must do periodic radio checks or reports.

So, it started it pretty quiet for the first few hours, the time was about 10 pm.

All of a sudden maybe 40 feet in front of me I see what looks like a person, thinking it’s either an inmate or some one not knowing where they were I approach them where they rounded a corner and I followed but when I went around the corner nobody was there.

It made no sense I was right behind them and there were no doors anywhere near where they had rounded a corner.

So I radioed the tower and asked if there were any workers or anyone working down in this area. About 15 seconds went by when I heard the words “No, not at all” come over the radio. Thinking it could possibly still be an inmate I wasn’t too scared so I asked for a headcount of all inmates. About 30 minutes go by when I was horrified when they said all inmates were accounted for.

Then what could i have seen nobody was supposed to be around here at this time.

At about that time I see someone again but this time they’re staring at me it is someone who is about 35 or so raggedy jumpsuit and a long beard. I yell out to them “What are doing out of your cell” he just smiled at me the most sinister smile I’ve ever seen in my life. At which point he turned around and walked away and I gave chase he once again rounded a corner and when I went around it I didn’t see anything.

I once again called the radio and asked them to doublecheck the headcount of inmates.

A few minutes went by when they confirmed all inmates were accounted for.I can say with certainty I’ve seen some scary stuff in my life but in that moment I was petrified. The last few hours of my shift went by without incident.

At the end of shift briefing I pulled my Sergeant aside and told him everything that happened.

He asked for a description of he inmate when I told him.

His mouth seemed to drop to the floor he said I was describing in perfect detail an inmate we will call “Sully” but there was just one problem Sully has hung himself in his cell 4 months ago. I have never been so happy to leave work then at that moment right there.

I try to refrain from working that area best I can and to whatever I saw that night let’s not meet again.

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