A Haunting in San Antonio

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I first went to the Chinese Graveyard in 1980 at midnight on a dare as a teenager.

My friend had an “occult book” and strange candle.  I thought, what the heck, I’m bored. We entered at midnight, he lit the candle, said a few words and a weird wind blew past us….then nothing.

I was not impressed.

I began to explore with my cigarette lighter alone looking at the graves and it became foggy. I thought “that’s weird.”  Then, I said sarcastically “Oh great spirit, if you exist, make your presence known.”

Moments passed and there was silence, then there was a sound and it got louder. I realized it was screaming.

Chad was white as a sheet saying “we gotta leave, we gotta leave now!”  I said “What happened?”  He said “you either come with me now or I’m leaving you behind!”  He ran to his truck and I tried to keep up.

As I looked down, I saw hoof prints along with foot prints near the truck. This didn’t make sense.  That would mean something would have to have a foot and hoof. Huh?  I was then yanked into the truck and Chad said “I’m going to hell, I’m going to hell…..I’m gonna die.” He was crying.

Keep in mind that Chad was a football player, 6’2, and huge.  A real mans’ man.   He peeled out of there.  I said “huh?” He told me he saw a creature with yellow eyes, black fur and had one goat like leg and a human leg and looked like a man.  I was like “okaaaay”. He threw both the book and candle out the window as were were speeding away.  I thought” What was going on?  A man with two different legs?  But then, what did I see?”

On October 31st, 1992, I was bored and my boyfriend and I argued the existence of ghosts. I told him of the Chinese graveyard.  Around the 1900’s Chinese immigrants lived around that area and buried their dead in that graveyard deep in the south side of San Antonio.

Due to the prejudice, many of the graves became desecrated, Chinese lanterns destroyed and cults became hanging out there doing religious sacrifices, ceremonies; as well as leaving human remains.  Legends spread of hauntings, murders and strange sightings.

I told Mr. Non-Believer that if he was so brave and skeptical that we should go there.

We parked one block away and entered 5 minutes until midnight.

We took our flashlights and split up.  I was saddened at the dilapidated graves, graves of tiny infants with small fences surrounding them…then I saw….bones?  What!  I picked up…a jaw bone! Yuck!  I dropped it and rubbed my hand on my clothes to clean it off.  Then I saw something glittering near a tree.

I was astounded at looking at this HUGE black widow spider weaving a web.

It was around 2 inches wide and 1 inch long.  I never seen such a huge spider!  It was scary & fascinating!  Then I said “Hon, take a load of that! Cool huh?”  I felt him playing with my hair.  But it felt creepy so I said “Stop it.”  He whispered, “Gaze over there.”

Then scratched my shoulder.  I yelled “Quit it! That hurt!” and spun around but no one was there.  That’s when I began to panic.  I said “Hon?  Honey?  Are you there? Are you hiding? Stop it!  You’re scaring me, it’s not funny!”  I looked down and there was fog around my ankles.

I looked around the tree and no one was there.

Then, I heard voices and looked around but no one was there.  I gazed toward where the voice told me to look and saw my boyfriend over 20 yards away!  If he was there, then who spoke to me?  Who scratched me?  I ran to him and he said “Oh my God!  Babe, I heard you talking to me but when I turned to speak to you, you were not there.”

Then, I saw you running toward me.  I said “Something was touching my hair and scratched my shoulder!” He looked and there were scratch marks on my shoulder.  He said “WE’RE LEAVING!”  Mr. Non-Believer was scared and practically running/jogging to the car with his hand on my wrist.  I could barely keep up.  We sat in the car, our hearts pounding.  He said “I felt evil there.

Pure evil.  It was the scariest thing I ever felt.

I heard voices and saw shadows.  I’ll never go here again!”  I smugly smiled and said “See, I told you!”  To this day I cannot explain what I have seen, or experienced.

Because of the hundreds of events, San Antonio has erected a razor wire fence with a lock around the graveyard. However, a friend of mine heard my story and even against my protests he went.  He found a entrance behind the fence in the back covered by 3 feet high grass and weeds.

He then lifted his long sleeve shirt and showed me a scar that had 4 long streaks.

I said “What’s that?  A cat scratched you?”  He said “No, that’s what happened to me when I tried to have a seance at midnight on Oct. 31st. at the Chinese Graveyard. You were right snow.  This place is cursed, now I am too.”  His eyes were hollow and he just walked away.

I called him to come back to talk. But he just walked away.  To this date, I have never seen him again.

I never went back there and never will.  If you are reading this, please, please don’t go there.  This is a bad and dangerous place.  Evil does exist & it exists there, I have seen it, felt it and my friends have too.  You have been warned so if anything happens to you, don’t blame me.

I warned you.  Sadly, this is a true story.

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