A Haunting Experience

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A little background on this story: This happened in March 2007, I was fourteen at the time and lived with my dad and my sister in a small town in Quebec. We had two dogs at the time, a Great Dane named Fergie and a Husky named Cormac.

I encountered this thing a couple of times, and I’ve never told anybody about it before. The first time I saw it I was out walking Fergie and Cormac at about midday. We were walking on a path through a forest, when suddenly, Cormac went behind me and started whimpering, and Fergie started growling and barking at someone, or someting that I couldn’t see. I got the chills and felt uneasy. Now, I’m a strong believer in the supernatural and had heard of encounters similar to these before, and immediately took my cross off from around my neck and brandished it towards the direction in which Fergie whad been growling and told whatever it was to leave. I saw a translucent black shape writhe in what I assume was agony and then disappear.

Me being the confidant and cocky adolescent I was, I went back there to walk them again, but this time at around 9 o’clock PM. I cam to a clearing that I had never even seen before, and there was an old tool shed that seemed very out of place. When I got near it, I felt extremely uneasy, but took out the bottle of holy water that I took because of the first encounter.

I went into the shack, and saw that the back wall had a large amount of what I dearly hope has just reddish brown paint, and that there was a rusty dagger in the middle of the dirt floor pointing towards the back wall. I felt an extreme sense of dread here and the dogs were bothabout to bolt out of there and run. What happened next has scarred me for life. I saw the same black mass with gloing red eyes lunge ate me, at which point I dropped the bottle of holy water which fell to the ground and ,thank god, shattered and spilled everywhere, at which point the demon, if that is indeed what it was, writhed where it was for a moment before disappearing.

I then proceeded to run the 20km back to my apartment at full speed never once stopping or looking back. Lont story short, a demon tried to kill me, and would have suceeded If I hadn’t dropped a bottle of holy water. I never once went anywhere near those woods again.

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