A Ghostly Predator

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I have had several paranormal experiences; some of them interesting and some of them frightening. The one that stands out as the most disturbing to me happened on Halloween night in 2004. I had had a challenging year. I ended a long time, abusive marriage that took almost two years to finalize. I was transitioning into the role of being a single parent, as well as experiencing life again as a single woman.

I had been invited to my good friend’s Halloween party across town. I called one of my best girlfriends and asked if she would go with me. I was happy she agreed and we set about the fun task of planning our costumes. I decided to go as a hippy and my friend, Jane, went a a pirate. I was excited at the prospect of doing something special that night as my daughter was with her father and it would be the first time I had not been able to go trick-or-treating with her.

Jane and I arrived at the Halloween party fashionable late. It was a fun party with the house decorated brilliantly and plenty of savory eats and drinks. As we made our way around the room, I noticed that everyone attending the party were a couple, excepting for Jane and myself. I felt very out of place because I was single. I had never enjoyed dating and much preferred to have one special someone in my life.

I left the party feeling depressed and a bit hopeless. Most of the single men I had met so far were not interested in someone who had a child. When I arrived home around midnight I went straight to bed, hoping sleep would block out my bad feelings and that I would feel better in the morning. That was not to be, however. I had a very vivid nightmare, where an evil man was out to get me.

I was awakened by the pressure of a man’s hand on my right hip. I tried to move but the weight of his body was too heavy. I could see the outline of a man, but not the details. It was like in the movie Predator. I struggled to get the words out of my mouth for him to get off me! After a couple of tries, I finally was able to yell out. He got up off me and the bed and preceded to walk over to the doorway to the hallway.

He leaned against the door frame and lingered there. I kept saying to go away and even though I do not consider myself a religious person I called on God and Mother Mary to make him go away. He eventually walked into the hallway and stayed leaning on the stair railing. At some point, he just faded away.

The next morning I called a woman who was a psychic. I filled her in on all the details of what happened the evening before. She said that when we are feeling negative and depressed that we leave ourselves open to events like the one I experienced. She said she knew a banishing ceremony that she would perform. I guess it worked, because I have never had another visitation like that one again.

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The full moon during the month of October is known as the hunter’s moon after North America folklore.

This moon increases the energies of the earth by an incredible amount making people’s own psychic senses far more sensitive then the usual as well as providing these entities with more energy then they would normally have… this in addition to what the other psychic said could be the reason behind your experience.