A Ghost, and my Bedroom Door

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This story takes place years ago, around the time I was in 7th grade. Though, it actually happened more than once, so part of it occurs about a year before that. This may sound kind of silly, but for me it was terrifying. Do note that at that age, I obviously wasn’t doing drugs or alcohol.

It all started during the summer of 2016. I was in my room watching the First Season of Yu-Gi-Oh while my parents worked outside, enjoying myself. My door was closed, probably to keep the cool air inside my room, and my dog was taking a nap next to me. My mother was just then getting done with mowing the yard when it happened. Suddenly, my dog jolts awake, and her ears perk up. “What’s wrong?” I ask her, and she stares at my bedroom door. Then, the door just… Opens. Keep in mind, the door was locked, and the latch is too strong for a draft to blow it open. I raise my eyebrow as it slowly closes, and then pops open again. During that summer, it wasn’t uncommon for my friend to come over without warning, so I assumed it was just him trying to spook me. I stood up and grabbed the door, poking my head through it and looking into the hallway. I called my friend’s name, but nobody was there. “Weird,” I thought, latching the door. It resumed, and I was a little spooked, but it stopped not even a minute later.

Later that same summer, I was watching TV in the morning while my mom was still asleep. The door just opens again, following the same pattern. Open, shut… Open, shut. It would just creepily repeat. My dog was more spooked this time, the hair on her back raising and she growled at it. I did what I did last time, and just latched the door. I layed back down and resumed my show, but not even thirty seconds later, the door opened again. I tried to ignore it, and it just continued for another twenty minutes. I had it, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I walked over and opened the door fully, and slid the door-stop into place with my foot. Fairly scared, I sat back down, and that was the end of it.

My last encounter with what I believe was a ghost was later that year in 7th grade. It was a school night, and I’d gone to bed about 3 hours ago. I was having some trouble falling asleep, which I occasionally did. My dog was in a deep sleep this time, to the point where only a loud voice would wake her, though I wish she was awake. My door, without warning, flew open much harder than before, hitting the wall with a bang. My parents didn’t hear it, though, since they were watching TV at a high volume at the time. After the door went back into place, it started to open and close again. I just covered my head with the blanket and ignored it, and it stopped after a few minutes. Relieved, I tried to sleep, but minutes later, it started again. I started to get more and more scared, but it stopped again. I managed to fall asleep, but then the door flew open again, almost as hard as it was a bit ago, and woke me up. I heard some kind of eerie exhale and whisper that echoed through my ears, and I was paralyzed with fear. I was facing the opposite direction of the door, but I heard it open again, and this time I heard… Footsteps. The door shut behind the footsteps, and I heard my floor creak as they passed my bed. Despite my fear, I managed to slightly turn and look in its direction, but I saw nothing. I heard one of my drawers fly open and heard something shuffle through it, slam it shut, and then walk back out the way it came. I heard the footsteps again, and still saw no one. Whatever it was, it shut my door after exiting, and latched it. I didn’t get much sleep that night, and was really jumpy and paranoid at school. Whatever that thing was that was opening my door, I hope I never see it. Ever again.

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