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Around this time I think I was about 7 but I can remember this like it was yesterday. I also had a sister she about 8 years old.

One school night me and my sister couldn’t fall asleep. But this happens most nights. My sister came over to my bed. She ask if i was in the mood to get something to eat. Of course i said yes but sometimes i wish i didn’t.

We tie toe toward that kitchen. The lights were out and i couldn’t see anything. Well not anything. I looked forward to see..see this black thing. It looked unhamun. I looked back at my sister to see her running towards the bed room. But..but i didn’t wanna to move. Well it was more than that. It felt like i couldn’t move.

Then my sister grad me out of the room and in to the bedroom. She lock the door. She looked scared as hell. But sometimes i wish she didn’t grad just to see what it could have been. It looked so..so un real. Trust me its wasn’t a person.

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