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This story is absolutely true and happened only a few months ago. Now I’ve encounted a lot of strange paranormal things in my life but nothing that terrified me like this thing.

It was a typical night, me and my family live in North West WA surrounded by national forests on highway 101 and at the moment we are saving up for a house and live in a huge 5th wheel.

Well as I was saying, it was a typical night, I had the kids to bed by 7pm and me and my husband had gone to bed at 10pm as usual. Well my youngest son had been waking up everynight at 3am for about two weeks and refusing to go back to bed so naturally I was tired.
This night was no different, he woke up and crawled into bed with us laughing and wide awake.
I got up put him back to bed with his brothers but no sooner had I laid down he was babbling and laughing again then began running around in the livingroom.

I was tired and annoyed so this time I grabbed a blanket and some pillows, my husband already grumpy about him waking us up again. I came down and put the blankets on the couch facing the front door and only 6 feet from their bed. I put him back to bed and told him to go to sleep, then turned on the tv as I settled in to sleep on the pull out sofa.

Well I had just laid my head down on the pillow when I glanced out of the window into the forest and I saw it.

The only light coming from the TV, I remember thinking to myself there was no way I was seeing what I was watching slowly, delicately walking on all fours with very long fragile looking limbs. I told myself it had to be a deer, or a mountain lion, but really I knew better.

I was over come with panic as I watched it’s long white legs crawl up the hill only three feet from my window and front door.

It moved so deliberately and slowly I couldn’t look away, I watched it’s back arch painfully and could make out every bump of its spine and even painful looking ribs bones underneath the white stretched skin. I recall telling myself “no way a skinny, bald naked man is crawling around in the night outside my house… there’s no way…”

But just as I was coming to terms that this thing was some kind of humanoid seemingly without genitalia or ears, as though it knew I was starting, it turned it’s head and faced me.

I can’t tell you how long it looked at me, but I remember the horrible feeling in my chest as nothing stared back at me. I knew it was somehow staring right back at me though I didn’t see any eyes or any facial features. I lost my nerve as it stood there frozen its arm half way up in mid motion, and pulled the blankets up over my head like a two year old, but I had the blanket down just enough I couldn’t see out the window but I could see my kids.
I lay there praying for peace, praying for protection for my kids finally I heard the snoring of my youngest and I pulled the blanket down.

It was gone and my son had just as suddenly fell asleep.

I now keep the blinds shut at night, and keep the dog with the kids at night.

I haven’t seen it since, but every once in awhile my youngest wakes up at 3am and I go to sleep on the couch, but never with the blinds open. I never want to see it again, whatever it was.

Since that night I had my husband put up a six ft fence, I don’t know if it will honestly help but so far it seems to be working.

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