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I don’t have lots of body mass or weight and I am really skinny for a male and females wished they had my metabolism and other men make jokes about skinny stature. I weigh much less than the average male which the average weight of a male is 196 pounds. Now I live in a fancy residential estate flat and i have a good paying job so I can afford it. It has two elevators for the whole 26 floored building and they are very quick and efficient. The elevators can only allow up to 13 people which is about 1000 KG and if the weight surpasses this the elevators will simply not work and it will say on the screen something like ‘too much weight inside elevator please reduce it’

Now this last month that has just gone by I have been working late and so when I get back to the flat and use the elevators to get to the floor I live on I am on my own, my flat is on the 20th floor, I really do not like walking up the stairs all the way to the 20th floor. Now I remember getting inside the elevator and pressing the 20 button inside the elevator but all of a sudden I was surprised that the screen inside the elevator read ‘too much weight please decrease’ and this was confusing because I was the only one inside the elevator. I kept on trying to press the 20 button but nothing worked and I had to use the stairs.

It happened again a couple of days later and I worked till late and only I was using the elevator. Then when it happened again as the elevator screen was telling me that there was too much weight inside of it, I informed the night reception concierge about this. He investigated the elevator and when it was both of us inside the elevator, it suddenly started to work. He told me it might have been a glitch or something.

Then 3 days later I came back from work late and it happened again with me being the only person in the elevator, but the elevator said that there was too much weight inside of it. I called the night concierge over and he then contacted the out of hours office. They send over the company who fitted the elevators in this building and they did a full service on both elevators. Both elevators were fine and in perfect condition. I had to obviously use the stairs again.

Then on the last week of December coming home from a work christmas party I was alone again inside the elevator. It did it again the elevators said on its screen that there was too much weight and I began becoming frustrated. Then all of a sudden it went pitch black inside the elevators as the lights went off and I felt extremely claustrophobic, stuffy and extremely badly squeezed. Then when the lights came on all I saw and felt were all these strangers squashed together inside the elevator.

They were all staring at thin air and I realised where all of that extra weight came from, then it went pitch black again. When the lights came I was alone in the elevator again and it was working finally. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

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