The wisper at the nursing home

Hello, my name is Nathan I recently worked in a Nursing home. I was not a nurse but a dietary aide. Which ment I worked in the kitchen, I did what the cook did not do. The shifts I had were from 6 am to 8 pm. Sometimes I worked overtime either because the residents were slow at eating or because we had a new person. We had food trucks that held atleast 24 trays of food for the respective units. Things always seemed a little strange. So it was 5 pm. Bringing up the first food truck. I’m waiting for the elevator and behind me in the unused at the time, dining hall a wisper. I didn’t think much about it at the time thinking it was the building making noise. So I bring the food truck to the second floor, and come back down to prepare and deliver the next one. It felt colder when I got into the first floor. It was quiet.

The next day I am working another 6 am to 8 pm. So again at dinner time waiting for the elevator and I hear the wisper and this time I listened to it. It sounded like a small child, saying my name. I shrugged it off again thinking it’s just my brain over thinking and just fatigue after a long shift.

After serving all the food trucks and waiting for them to come down I go to the bathroom. I lock the door and hear a knock. The doors were locked and there was no family at the time. I asked who it was. There was no answer. I finish up and go grab the trucks and try to get out of there as soon as I can.

I go to work the next week because I work long shifts just on the weekends. So it was another long shift but this time at lunch. I told my co-worker what happened the week before. He didn’t belive me and shrugged it off as well and told me it was just the buildings pipes or something. Then something in the kitchen falls over, we think nothing of it.

Weeks pass and nothing happens except the occasional knock and stuff. So I go to the bathroom and instead of a knock somone pulled on the door making a loud bang. My co-worker investigated and when I got out and asked if anyone was out there. He didn’t see anyone out there and we were the only ones on the first floor. We both hear a wisper and try our fastest to get out.

The next day he was to work a long shift with me, as the one who was going to work there got sick. We get through most of the day without any knocks or whispers. I told him to watch outside of the bathroom door and see if anyone is trying to pull a prank. He was not the type to pull pranks, he was kore laid back. So he agrees and I go to the bathroom. A loud bang on the door that shakes the door and I quickly open the door as it was used as bait and no one was out there. My coworker was immediately shocked and said “what the f**k?” I asked him if anyone was out there. He said “No but I saw the f**king door shake and heard the bang!* So we finished up our work and we were both heading out. Right as we were leaving a sudden deep voice and loud voice yelled and said ” Just Die Already!” We bolted out of the building. I come in next week. My co-worker put his 2 weeks in but didn’t show up for any shifts. Found out while we were leaving and heard that, 3 residents passed at the same time. I started looking for a new job. When I put my 2 weeks in the whole building lights all flickered. I couldn’t put my leave as “Haunted”. I just put it as ” New Job” dispite that not being the case.

My last two days activity spiked. The second to last day there, stuff was falling off the walls, and banging sounds can be heard. Even management heard it. Nothing else happened. The last day I was there all my coworkers brought a cake for me and was sad I was leaving. It was my last day but also for others. What ended up happening is that when we were having the party after the shift all the lights went out on the first floor and went quiet. We all heard “YOUR SOULS ARE MINE!” We all tried to leave but the front doors wouldn’t open. We went out the kitchen exit, I did the mistake of looking back and say a black figure darker than the rest of the darkness in the kitchen, I can never forget what it looked at as I saw two red eyes charging towards me and the others. The backdoor kitchen door slammed tight. The management team and a few of my coworkers all quit that night. I was happy enough it was my last day.



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